Let me guess, you’ve been pretty much everywhere in Europe, but never really thought of visiting Portugal.

France, Italy, Spain and the UK are on your bucket list, but you tend to forget this little country facing the Atlantic.

How dare you do this to my home country?!

Well, I’m about to change your mind and give you enough reasons to make you travel to Portugal.

My goal is to make you book a flight before you even finish the list. Let’s get started!

1The sun sets in the sea.

This may sound a bit lame, but luckily Portugal has the majority of its awe-inspiring coastline and beaches facing west, which happens to be the orientation the sun sets every day.

No wonder sunsets are amongst the most lingering memories you’ll have from your stay.

visiting Portugal worth it - Sunset Portugal
The everyday sunset in Portugal.

2Trams make everyone happy.

Life in Portugal’s major cities has been beautified by historical trams running all over the downtown in the past century. Particularly in Lisbon it’s impossible not smile when seeing the yellow lovely vehicles going up and down the hills.

The temptation of buying tickets and go for a ride might be high, but avoid to do it. It’s got the potential to be a long, uncomfortable and potentially unsafe ride.

3The coffee is damn good.

This association might not be immediate, but if I say that back in its glorious days, Portugal colonized Brazil, Angola, and East Timor – producers of some of the finest coffee – things make more sense. You’ll never find a better value-for-money relation for coffee in Europe. A good quality espresso will cost you no more than 0,70EUR.

4You can live a fairytale in Sintra.

worth visiting Portugal - Castle in Sintra
Century-old walls of Castelo dos Mouros in Sintra.

Only a 40-minute train ride from Lisbon, this little hilltop town is an impressive display of elegant palaces, castles and fortresses all in the spectacular setting of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The romantic architecture of Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace) is not to be missed and should be closest you’ll ever have to your dream of being a princess.

5 Stars Azores from $899

5The fish is uber fresh.

Vegetarians can skip this one. More than 800km of coast, the biggest fishing zone in Europe and laughable prices make of Portugal one of the most fish-friendly places you’ve ever been. Dourada, Sardinhas and Robalo are always delicious options.

6Cobblestone streets are everywhere.

worth visiting portugal - Pavement Lisbon
I chose an hypnotising pavement sample on purpose.
Photo by Tim Cowlishaw @ Flickr.

I’m really not a fan of mosaic floors as part of urban planning that can be found in the major cities of Portugal (and also in Portuguese-influenced places like Rio de Janeiro). I think they’re crazy expensive, and I can see myself easily twisting an ankle when of the stones gets loose. Glad I’m not a woman and I don’t wear high heels!

But I’ll admit the patterns and designs in some of them are quite stunning. Walking in Portugal is literally walking on art!

7Santos Festivities will rock your world.

You can have music festivals, all kind of art events, but this is the real thing. In June, residents from both Lisboa – Santo António festivities – and PortoSão João festivities – flock to the most traditional neighbourhoods for the festivities in honour of the local saints. You don’t need to be religious though. Expect popular music, lots of dancing and party until dawn!

8It possibly has Europe’s greatest climate.

Mild winters with temperatures rarely drop below 5ºC along the coast, hot summers refreshed by the Atlantic breeze and the highest number of hours of sunshine in Europe. Hard to beat this.

Visiting Portugal - Ribeira das Naus
Quite a good choice of a place to read a book. @ Lisboa, Portugal.

9Azulejos are your next design obsession.

reasons visit portugal azulejos

I reckon there’s no other place in the world where #tileart is so popular. Prepare to find elaborate-painted tiles on the historical buildings, modern design instalments and even souvenirs shops.

There’s even a tile museum which is one of the hidden gems of Lisbon!

10We are serious about wine.

Portugal seems to be in the second-tier in the wine world, right after France, Italy and Spain despite the famous Port Wine and even though Portuguese wines win the most prestigious awards every year. Chances are there is a great quality wine at a very reasonable price waiting for you. From my experience, wines from Alentejo tend to be specially good.

11You’ll fall in love with Porto.

visiting Portugal visit portugal- Ribeira Porto
Ribeira @ Porto, Portugal.

Speaking of wine, the second-largest city in Portugal has renewed itself in recent years and is becoming a serious European city break destination. People are uber friendly, food is great, prices are even better and the city is settled in a serious romantic setting. What’s there not to like?

Check out my Porto travel guide for dummies or my detailed weekend itinerary I used to show the city to friends and family visiting.

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Or search on your own

To make your life easier, start searching with my pre-selection of best value-for-money hotels in Porto. This list only includes rooms in the best areas of downtown Porto, with WiFi and good-to-excellent reviews.

12Pastéis de Nata are a feast to your taste buds.

A lot has been said about pastéis de nata (custard tarts). I’ll just say if you leave Portugal without trying this wonder of the world of pastry, something is profoundly wrong with you.

13It’s the ideal place to learn or master the art of surfing.

If you are into surf, the wild uncrowded Atlantic waves, mild climate and the huge community of surfers and surf camps should easily seduce you. Nazaré, Peniche, Ericeira and all the coast of Alentejo are amongst the hot spots of surfing in Portugal.

Visiting Portugal - Waves are great for surfing in Portugal
Atlantic waves are great for surfing . Photo by wrphotos.org @ Flickr.

14We actually can communicate with you.

Portugal has more fluent English speakers than any other southern European country. Due to subtitled (and not dubbed) movies and TV series, younger generations, in general, are all able to speak good English and with quite a spot-on accent. Older people tend to have English and French as their second language. Anyway, the point is: we get what you’re saying.

15Fado music will make you emotional.

Fado is probably the most melancholic music you’ll ever hear and still somehow makes the ideal soundtrack for every trip to Portugal. Even if you don’t understand a word, it has the power to make you introspective. The new generation of singers like Ana Moura and Mariza is making fado sexy and modern.

16We are professionals on the activity of going to the beach.

You’ll probably know Portugal’s beaches are among the country’s highlights, it’s in every postcard and travel brochure. What I particularly enjoy is their diversity. Whether you go for the wild beaches of Costa Vicentinafor a roadtrip in the beautiful Portugal’s coastline -, the volcanic dark sands of the Azores or the balmy beaches surrounded by towering cliffs in the Algarve, you can be sure to be laying your towel in a top-notch beach.


17Days are brighter.

Apart from being one of the places with more hours of sunshine per year, Portugal is also where the light is particularly impressive. With that amount of light available naturally, no wonder why the movie industry loves shooting in Lisbon. Just make sure you bring your sunglasses!

18You can back in touch with nature in the Azores Islands.

Visiting Portugal - Miradouro da Lagoa do Canário
São Miguel island, Azores, Portugal.

Hard to remain unbiased, because São Miguel island is the place where I was born. Located 1500km off the coast of Portugal, exploring the stunning lakes, mountains and cliffs in these volcanic islands is a truly unique experience.

I’ve put together a compilation of all the things you need to know before going to Azores – just go while they are still a hidden gem!

19Music festivals pop out like mushrooms.

Music festivals have become a huge part in the summer event calendar. There are festivals for all kinds of musical tastes all across the country. Meo Sudoeste for electronic and pop music in Alentejo and NOS Alive in Lisbon for rock and indie are amongst the most popular.

20People will welcome you like true friends.

As a general rule, Portuguese are very nice and easy-going people. They will try hard to make you feel at home and this is more evident the further North you go in the country. You’ll learn that all we really care about is the sun, a drink and a good chat with friends.

21Lisboa will keep you busy… and happy!

The second oldest city in Europe (only after Athens!) is a trendy, cool and alternative hotspot right now.

With inspiring architecture, a bustling nightlife and stunning beach day-trips around, Lisbon is the new european obsession. If you’re planning to go, check out the 7 experiences not to miss there and my 3-day itinerary of Lisbon.

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Or… find your own!

Use this list of quality hotels and guesthouses I’ve put together to get you started. ALL of these are located in the best central areas of Lisbon, with WiFi and with a rating of 8 or higher. Just pick your favorite!

22The shellfish is to die for.

While you are in Portugal, prepare to taste the sea like never before. Like the seafood itself, the portuguese cuisine is fresh and displays delicious and original combinations. Salada de polvo (octopus salad) and Carne de Porco à Alentejana (pork with clams) are a must-try.

23It’s a golf-friendly destination.

Okay, so my knowledge of golf is close to what I know about artichokes plantations: zero. I don’t even particularly like this sport. All I know is there are close to 70 golf courses in the country – half of them classified as high standard -, especially in the Algarve area. If golfing is your thing, all the conditions are met for you to have a great time in Portugal.


24You’ll learn to crave Francesinha.

Does the idea of a steak, ham, cheese sandwich with an egg on top and a gravy-based sauce seduce you? It should, even though you may want to eat a salad in the next meal for the sake of your arteries.

25You can still find authenticity.

Visiting Portugal - Alfama
Laid-back way of living.
Photo by Allie_Caulfield @ Flickr.

Despite 2014 was the year of all records for Portuguese tourism, you can still expect many calm and peaceful places. Many authentic restaurants, shops and experiences undiscovered my tourists remain authentic, unlike other mainstream destinations like Venice and my home-city right now, Barcelona.

26We don’t kill the bull.

I personally don’t enjoy bullfights and it amazes me how it’s still a thing in the 21st century. But at least we don’t kill the bull…in public.

Also, we have forcados: a group of men who challenge the bull directly, without weapon or protection of any kind. Because if you are going to mess with an animal, that’s the way it should be, right?

Don’t let the prices rise more. Book your accommodation in Portugal now!


27Óbidos is a journey in time.

This little town is encircled by a ring of medieval walls and shows off a rebuilt Moorish castle, now a rural hotel (Pousada). Wandering around the streets of Óbidos is quite an experience and if you pair with the International Chocolate Festival in March, it’s a double win. Don’t forget to try Ginjinha, a cherry liquor!

28The world’s best aquarium is there.

Seriously, I’m not bragging. Recently, travellers from Trip Advisor elected Oceanário as the best aquarium in the world. If you don’t go for the couple of otters, the penguins or the huge main tank, the architecture of the building is a reason to visit by itself.

Lisbon is very trendy right now and hotels can sell out often. Book your hotel as soon as possible!

I’ve made your life easier and you can start your search with my pre-selection of hotels in Lisbon. This list only includes the top-rated reviewed hotels in the heart of the city, with WiFi included. Hard to go wrong with these!

Or explore the latest hotel deals:


29The nightlife is unique.

Like many other things, alcohol is also cheap in Portugal which makes it the ideal place to go both to celebrate something going on in your life or to forget your ex. If you are in Lisbon, there’s no way you’ll miss the trendy Bairro Alto neighborhood. Here you can drink, chat and dance literally on the street.

30There is a bakery in every corner.

There’s life beyond custard tarts in the bakery department too. Portugal produces incredible pastries and loaves of bread which I deeply miss here in Barcelona. I challenge you to enter one of the many bakeries and try to choose only ONE thing to eat. ONLY ONE.

31We have big waves. I mean REALLY big waves.

Nazaré was all over the news recently when Garret MacNamara clamed to surfed the largest wave in the world there (30 meters). Apart from an attraction for surfers and photographers, Nazaré is also the most traditional fishing village in Portugal, showing colourful traditions and of course, great fresh fish.

32It has got almost one millennium of history.

Royal Arch. #lisbon #lisboa

Uma foto publicada por BRUN🌎 (@bruno_mb) a

Technically a country since 1143, Portugal has kept its borders untouched since then. It may nowadays be considered one of Europe’s scum (together with Spain and Greece), but what most people don’t know is that it once was one of the most powerful countries in the world. During the Discoveries era, its empire spread out over South America, Africa, India and even Asia. This alone is a reason to visit!

33Neighborhood markets are fun.

Markets are the essence and beating heart of any town or city and Portugal is not an exception. Whether you go to the renewed Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon, to the more classic Mercado do Bolhão in Porto or any other, you’ll have a great time in the middle of fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious restaurants and the yells of the vendors trying to catch your attention.

34There are 1001 ways to cook codfish and they’re all amazing.

visiting Portugal - Bacalhau Bras
Bacalhau à Brás (codfish with scrambled eggs and potatoes). OM NOM NOM.
Photo by Iguaria.com

Don’t care about Bacalhau (codfish)? No worries, you’ll start loving it anyway. Codfish is Portugal’s national protein and we prepare it in the most diverse ways.

Try Bacalhau com Natas (with cream), Bacalhau à Brás (with scrambled egg and olives) and Bacalhau à Lagareiro (with olive oil and mashed potatoes) to start rediscovering this versatile fish in a delicious way.

35Overall, food is ridiculously cheap.

Once I start writing about food I can’t stop, but I seriously can’t stress how big this is in Portugal. A traditional meal like one of the codfish dishes in the previous point or Arroz de Pato (Duck baked with rice) in a decent average-priced restaurant will never cost you more than 9 euros12 euros (adjusted for 2018 prices).

In the northern part of the country, this drops to 6 or 7 euros (!). And I’m talking about the main Portuguese cities here. Check out my post about food in Azores too.

36Alentejo’s coastline is a delight to the soul.

why visiting portugal is worth it - hiking in costa vicentina

Man, I don’t know if it’s the Atlantic breeze or the easy-going lifestyle, but there’s something about the coast of Alentejo.

While the interior can get too hot in summer time, the coastline has a refreshing set of wild beaches and impressive cliffs that make a hell of a road trip. One of the best-kept secrets in Europe, if you ask me. Check out my selection of the best guest and rural houses in Alentejo.

37The outdoors activities are just endless.

Join a good climate with the most diverse landscapes and you’ll never want to be inside four walls. Hiking in the islands of Azores and Madeira, paragliding in Serra da Arrábida or zip-lining in Gerês natural park are just a small sample of what you can do in this country.

If you’re up for a challenge, try climbing Mount Pico, the highest in the country. And don’t even get me started on water sports!

38We are in the verge of three worlds.

Due to its strategic location as the western most country of mainland Europe in the confluence of the European, American and African continents, Portugal is directly connected by air to half of the world.

This means flights are usually cheap from half of the world!

Plus, low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet fly from Lisbon and Porto to most of the major european cities for less than 100 euros.

5 Stars Azores from $899

39It’s eye-catchy.

You’ll learn to appreciate the little details in Portugal. Clothes hanging on the windows of colorful buildings, intricate elements on Manueline style buildings, gorgeous sunsets in the sea, neighborhoods with narrow streets, you name it! For photography lovers, it’s hard to stop pushing the shutter button.

visiting Portugal - Arco Rua Augusta Lisbon
A different angle to Arco de Rua Augusta in Lisbon.

40We are way more liberal than you think.

Despite holding off to our deepest traditions, we are very forward-thinking in some other aspects. Same-sex marriages have been legal for years. Transgenders can easily change their gender. And while selling huge amounts of drugs is still illegal, drug use is admitted – and this has actually led to an decrease on the overall number of drug users in the country.

41Algarve is perfect for sun-seekers.

Visiting Portugal - Prainha Algarve
Prainha beach in Algarve. TAKE ME THERE. Photo by Rodrigo Goméz Sanz @ Flickr

Probably this is the Portugal you know better. This is where millions of tourists – including 95% of all Portuguese families – flock every year seeking the three Ss: sun, sea, and sand. Despite the crowds, the weather is great and the beaches are renowned worldwide, specially around Lagos, Tavira and Portimão.

To get you started, check out my selection of the hotels with WiFi, breakfast and the best reviews in the region.

42Portuguese know how to keep themselves going.

I’ve already mentioned wine, but the full Portuguese alcohol experience requires for you to try the alluring diversity of spirits and liquors. The most popular is probably Ginjinha (cherry liquor) from Óbidos, but there many other flavours up to taste like Moscatel (made from a special kind of wine) and my favorite, Licor de Amêndoa Amarga (liquor made from bitter almonds).

43You’ll learn what saudade is.

After you’ve been to Portugal, something will grow on you. You’ll start missing the country and its people, weather and culture. Congrats, now you know what every Portuguese person feels when they’re away from home: saudade!

Don’t let the prices rise even more. Search for your accommodation in Portugal now!



How to get to Portugal

The best way is by air. Lisbon and Porto are very well served by airline connections from all over Europe and also from the U.S., South America and Africa.

If you’re coming from the United States, take a look at Azores Getaways. They have great flight + hotel + transfers deals for Lisbon, Azores, Madeira and Porto. :

5 Stars Azores from $899

If you’re not into travel packages or you’re not coming from the US, I recommend Skyscanner or the new online sensation Kiwi to find the cheapest flight prices and my pre-selection of hotels below.

Where to stay in Portugal

To make your life easier, start your search with my pre-selection of the best hostels/hotels/guesthouses/villas for each of these amazing spots:

These include only accommodations with great-to-excellent rating and a good free WiFi . You can’t go wrong with these!

Best time to go to Portugal

While summers are long in Portugal and you can expect good weather anywhere between May and October, make sure you avoid August. Unless you have a thing for packed beaches!

Top places to visit

Personally, I always recommend Porto, Lisbon and Alentejo‘s coast. If you are able to go to these three places, you’ll get a pretty great idea of what Portugal really is. They’re all memorable in different ways. Ideally, with a bit more time and money, hop on a flight to Azores for a few days for a true nature therapy.

What you MUST do

Eat a pastel de nata. Drink wine. Get some vitamin D in your skin. It does not sound like a hard life, does it? Relax, you’re in Portugal!

Useful Portugal Resources

So, did I convince you visiting Portugal is a reeeaaaally good idea?

If not, here’s this Portuguese water dog to make up your mind.

Visiting Portugal - Portuguese Water Dog
I know you are smiling now.

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  1. Just returned from my second visit to the Azores. I can’t say enough about this beautiful place though I really want to keep it to myself! Obrigada Bruno, for your suggestions that helped us plan our itinerary on Sao Miguel and Pico. I have to say you did miss a few gems on Pico, such as Cachorro and we really enjoyed our trek through the vineyards and along the west coast on the Criacao Velha trail. The food was outstanding and we particularly enjoyed delicious mid morning coffees at various bars around the island as well as afternoon snacks of savory olives, fresh bread and amazing cheeses from Pico and Sao Jorge. And the wine… I have to say the Duoro wine was sublime. Already planning a visit to the Triangle islands for my third visit, this time with Hubby so I don’t mind visiting Pico for a second time.

  2. Wow! We just today got accepted to an international convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses the last week of June! We want to come 3 weeks earlier to explore. Do you have a recommendation for a base from which to travel? We live old, we live rooftops and LOVE the train. And wine? Of course! It was Jesus’ FIRST miracle!

  3. You’ve got me hooked!

    Actually, I have adopted family that are Portuguese, so have been hearing wonderful things for years, but this gives me that little extra nudge that I needed.

  4. I plan on visiting portugal in September of 2019 ,for about about 2 weeks with wife and adult daughter.Please send info on cheap flights and accommodation s.We prefer smaller cities and rural settings

  5. Hello, you have convinced me to visit Portugal! What can you tell me about Lagos?
    I will be traveling alone so are there places that I can go to meet people?

    1. Lagos has changed a bit in recent years. It has some of the best beaches in Portugal, but it can get quite busy in Summer. Still, it’s not as crowded as other places like Portimão and Albufeira. I’m sure you’d have no problems meeting people, lots of tourists in summer and you have friendly in winter 😉

    1. Sorry, this is the most generic request ever.
      I can’t help you without knowing more about your interests and plus, there’s plenty of info in this article already.

  6. Hi Bruno!
    I totally agree with this post- I recently visited Portugal (albeit a few years earlier it wasn’t even on my radar) and now it is in my top 3 summer destinations. I felt it overshadowed Spain (for me personally) in terms of cost, culture and atmosphere! And of course, the wine was phenomenal!

    Hoping to write a post about Portugal soon! feel free to check it out once I do

  7. Hi Bruno,

    Excellent details you have shared. Me and my friend are planning for a week trip to Portugal in November. Between Porto and Algarve which would you suggest? We are ok to go to Algarve without getting to the waters as long as the rain doesnt spoil the days much. Please advice.


    1. Porto and Algarve are completely different places of the country, yielding polar opposite experiences. In November, there probably won’t be beach weather, which is Algarve’s strongest point. So I’d choose Porto.

      But this is me personally – I suggest you research both destinations and see what resonates more with you.

  8. how is the weather in January? We are looking to end a trip in Portugal before heading back to states and want to end it somewhere warmer than say…snow filled Switzerland Alps….and it is between this and Spain, but I just think lthis will have more to offer for the money..

  9. What a lovely article! My husband and I are planning a 12 day long holiday this June with our 10 year old. Besides Porto and Lisbon (4 days each) which other place is worth visiting? We will be relying on trains to take us everywhere. We like to take it slow and easy, and not run around ticking off “things to see”… could really do with some tips. Thank you.

    1. I’d look into Nazaré, Coimbra, Évora, Guimarães…in all you can have very different experiences but giving you a very good grasp of the country.

  10. Thanks for your work!
    Two question:
    1. What do I need to know to be polite in Portugal?For example, are there any special customs regarding tipping, or other restaurant related things?
    2. Do you have any advise for an American who would like to learn to make the nasal sound in certain words that sounds like an “n” to us? My Brazilian friends tried, but I failed.
    Best Regards

    1. 1. Tipping is entirely optional, no matter what they try to tell you :-). It’s only done in case you think the service was exceptional.

      2. Portugal’s portuguese is very tricky to learn because there are just a few languages in the world which use a variety of different nasal sounds as much as we do. No one expects for you to nail it in your first trip! However you can practice by closing your nasal airways with your fingers and hearing yourself pronouncing certain words (e.g. ending in “-ão”). That helps set your “baseline”, then it’s a matter of replicating locals saying the same word by trying to make the air come out of your nose.

  11. I have a chance to visit Portugal in June. I have trouble walking long distances and climbing a lot of stairs, is it pointless to make the trip?

  12. I am happy to say I just booked 3 weeks in Portugal in August. I am hoping to take in as much of the beaches as possible. I am looking at potential areas to move to. This is a scouting trip to catch an overview of the areas. My hopes are to find that cozy beach front property near a big enough town or small city. You article is great. Any personal suggestions for me not to miss? Peter

  13. Bruno …. Bom dia .. como vai ? just came across your website as I start my research for an exploratory trip to Portugal with the possibility of relocating there in a couple of years. The information I’ve read so far is great … Obrigado. I’m sure this info is somewhere on your site but, if I want to travel around the country for several weeks, should I rent a car or can I get by fairly easily with buses and trains.

    1. haha loved the brazilian introduction :p

      It depends on where you want to travel; if you stick to the main cities you don’t need a car, but if you plan to go a bit out of the main circuit Porto-Coimbra-Lisbon-Faro, then a car is recommended.

  14. Hi, loving your website and all the article you’ve written (I’ve read a few now!) We’re driving from Sintra to Seville (NOT via coast as we’re returning that way) in May. Where would you suggest we stop for the night? I’ve already got Evora on my list to stop at. Unsure if we just spend the day driving to Seville stopping where we like OR if there’s a specific awesome place we should aim for? Thanks x

  15. Tantalizing post! I am thinking of traveling to Portugal for one week in April with my two kids (10 and 12). Based on past experience, we enjoy staying in one place for more days (instead of changing venues every couple of days) so as to have a more intimate experience….it’s often the little things that are most memorable vs. major tourist attractions, if you know what I mean. Can you recommend a “base camp” (or a couple of base camps)? Maybe one big city and one smaller city?

  16. This post is absolutely wonderful. So much information. We have booked our visit from Canada for the first 10 days of April next year. Staying a couple days in Lisbon and then on to Evora for a night. Then we head to Albufeira area to stay for 6 nights. We felt this was a very central location along the coast with everything being an hour (give or take) east or west from there. Hope we made a good choice. Will probably visit Portimao, Lagos and Sagres for sure. Anything you would suggest as a hidden gem not to miss along there?

    1. I definitely suggest NOT staying in Albufeira, it’s a plastic place made for drunk tourists with arguably the worst beaches in Algarve. As for your question, there are hardly any “hidden gems” in Algarve anymore, but I’d say the islands near Olhão and the interior village of Silves are worth a visit.

  17. Thx…great…but Sintra is arguably the worst tourist trap, expensive plastic place i’ve seen…over-run with tourists…what a shame!!!! on my MUST MISS list!

    1. At the time I wrote this post Sintra village was still a gem but I have to agree it’s becoming a bit overrun with tourists lately. Nevertheless, Palácio da Pena is worth a visit no matter what!

  18. Thanks for your inspiring article! After having lived in the country 35 years ago, I can’t wait to show my family around!

  19. Nice! But you forgot to tell about the centre of Portugal, places like Coimbra, Aveiro, Buçaco, Bairrada just to name a few!

  20. I and my friends will plan to go on holiday to Portugal and this is our first trip, and we really need information about Portugal, after reading your article I da my friends very helpful, thank you! In addition to Portugal you can also travel to Bali that is not less beautiful with the city and other countries, but other than that do not forget to stay at VillaKubu.com which has many choices of bedrooms that will meet your holiday needs

  21. Yes, I am convinced!! Going there in october with my husband for surf, wine, good food, beaches and views. Thinking about road trip from Peniche until Tavora, we have two weeks,Thanks for your tips 🙂

  22. Hi
    Actually planning to go to Portugal in Oct
    Want to relax in a village or small town and talk to Portuguese, knowing that they live a quality life and are truly friendly.
    Like to be able to hike near where i stay, you and others suggested Madeira, can i easily to it without cars?
    I ll be going around by public transport only.
    Can i paddle somewhere too, l like calm lakes?

    1. Hike and “without cars” usually don’t go together. I think you should first define where you want to go, you can go to a lot of places in Portugal 😉

  23. Fell in love with Portugal from your article. Going to book for September god willing. Will that still be beach weather? I want to see it all!!!

  24. My soul belongs to Portugal. I feel connected with all these places everytime I go. Great blog, I got here while looking for 3 days itineray in Stockholm, and carried on reading. Happy and sunny future travels, keep safe!

  25. Waouhhh I’m quite impressed now, you just sayed EVERYTHING, you just resumed it all, from our great weather to our wonderfull bakeries. I’m just soooo proud of my country, unfortunatly I’m not living in Portugal for instance but I’ll be back to my country that makes me soo happy.

  26. My dad has been to Portugal with my mom before I was born.But I have one question,can you take a boat from Canada to Portugal across the Atlantic Ocean?

    1. Technically you can, but you wouldn’t want to do that. Only if you’re up for real adventure and days/weeks in the sea!

  27. i really love to travel to portugal because i always dream of it i will be so glad if i can hav visa to portugal.

  28. I am Portuguese and I couldn’t describe Portugal better than that its an awesome country and I love being Portuguese and the best thing about Portugal is Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese football team and the beaches and the food everything is brilliant in Portugal in fact.

  29. Great article. Planning to be n Portugal June 15 from Los Angeles, California. i am a travel agent and staying with a friend who rented a house in Sintra Mourisca Galamares Portugal, Rua Mira Serra 22. Can you recommend itinerary what to do in a week and then after checking out of the house we plan to travel out of Lisbon, where should we go? Love your article and will pass along to our group.

    1. I can’t really help without knowing your interests, what are your goals and how long you have? Will you have a car? You’ll have to be more specific. In any case, this article and my Portugal road trip have plenty of suggestions!

  30. I liked your post very much and, above all, the very positive way you transmitted the intended message.
    I’m portuguese and lived all my life in Lisbon, except for two years in Leiria and six years in Brussels.
    If I may give 1 or 2 ideas I would like to point out Madeira’s island of Porto Santo, with its long beach and direct access from the coastal charming hotels; Sagres (in the west of Algarve) with its historical point of interest Cabo de São Vicente and the famous rock Gigante as well as Ponta de Sagres on the west side of the village; at the other end of Algarve Vila Real de Santo António with its “Pombalino” centre (as in Baixa de Lisboa); Évora (my favorite in Alto Alentejo, so I’m partial) and its cathedral and university full of azulejos from the 16th onwards and the villages and panoramas sorrounding this wonderful city (from Monsaraz you can see Spain); Lisbon and Jardim da Estrela and the Basílica together with Campo de Ourique (CdO) with a large selection of restaurants, pastelarias and commerce (tram 28 passes Estrela and stops at CdO near the Cemetary of Prazeres with its above ground crypts; Almeida, small village in Beira Alta inside an 18th century fort in the shape of a star, the last remaining from the Napoleonic wars; Viseu and so may others. Such a small country, so much to see!.
    Sorry, I said 1 or 2… I suppose I love my country very much, with all its contradictions 😀

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestions Teresa, these are great! I can understand when we start talking about our country it’s hard to stop, so many beautiful places to go and things to do. I personally had to stop this article at number 43, could easily do more 🙂

    1. Got to be honest: Portugal is not the easiest of places to get around in a wheelchair. The cobblestone streets can be a challenge. It all depends on where you want to go 😉

  31. Hi me and my friend are planning to go to Portugal in July. We want to go hiking in the Madeira as well. How many days in Madeira do you suggest? Also, i know it will be a touristic time of the year any suggestions of beautiful sceneries to go to in order to avoid a bit of the crowd? Also any good hiking sites you recommand? As for the nightlife, in which city is the nightlife the liveliest? Plus I heard about this little historic village which used to be a slavery site and that now turned into a church and name one of the leaders of the freedom a saint, Would you happen to know where that is?

    1. Madeira you can do it in 4 days but you can easily spend a whole week there drinking poncha, walking by the levadas and eating bolo do caco… it is a fairly small place (albeit with a lot to see) and the tunnels make your life sooooooooooooooo much easy (20 years ago, before the tunnels you would need a whole day just to go one way from certain points of the island to other)

  32. So glad i found your blog and i am planning for Portugal at the moment. In order to get a somewhat thorough feel of Lisbon, Comporta and Porto (where else?) , how many days in total you would recommend? I am flying in from the U.S. in mid May. Thanks!

  33. I am writing to recommend several sites North of Porto, far from the sun-worshiping golf life of southern Portugal. Porto, Braga, Vila de Conde, Ponte de Lima, Barcelos….all are wonderful, far from the tourist crowds, and are relatively close to each other.

  34. A group of us are planning to visit Portugal next year. We’ve done bus tours and river cruises but would like to try renting a couple of places and going on day trips. Any advice? There could be as many as 7 couples so we’d need a few houses/apartments. Is this even possible to do? I loved your article and took notes. My son-in-law has already introduced us to the addictive custard tarts!!

    1. That’s a lot of people, so I’d probably start by looking at large apartments in Airbnb. Where are you heading? Maybe I can give you more specific advice.

  35. We leave for Portugal in 2 weeks! We will be in Porto for 4 days, Lisbon 5 days…I already feel it won’t be enough time. I have searched and searched for great articles on Portugal, this beats them all!! Thank you:) I will be taking many notes from this.

  36. Oi Bruno, Td bem? Adorei os textos sobre Portugal e compramos nossas passagens. Sou brasileira e irei com meu filho de 3 anos e marido em
    novembro. Temos 15 dias e 16 noites em
    Portugal. Já conhecemos Lisboa, Sintra e Cascais. Pensei em fazer um roteiro de 7 noites pela costa sudoeste , de Lisboa a Faro (usarei as sugestões que vc passou no outro texto) e pensei em incluir 4 dias em Porto (c visitas de um dia a Douro e um dia em Guimarães). Que outras cidades do interior vc recomenda? Muito, muito obrigada, Carolina.

    1. Parece-me um roteiro muito bom! 🙂
      A única coisa que posso acrescentar é se tiverem tempo, recomendo incluir Nazaré, Óbidos e Braga.

      Uma excelente viagem em família! 🙂

  37. hi, me and my husband are planning to travel to Portugal now at the end of august. We are definitely going to travel to Lisbon and Porto but we are going back and forth if we should stay for a couple of nights in the cascais beach area. We know its pretty close to Lisbon so we were wondering if its just easier to rent a car and travel back and forth or just stay over night. If you have any ideas I would love to hear it thanks.

    1. Just for reference, there are better beaches near Lisbon. Arrabida, Costa da Caparica, Meco, etc are all wider beaches with clearer waters.

      Having that said, you can take a 40-min train to Cascais from the Cais do Sodre station, so you can do a couple of day trips if you want!

  38. Bruno, you’ve convinced me. I’ll be visiting in May and can’t wait. Thanks for all the great information!

  39. This makes it imperative I visit there. My great grandparents migrated to Hawaii for the Azores and Madeira. I am having a hard time deciding whichI want to visit. Don’t have the finances to do all of it. I would like to find cruise ship that visits both and Lisbon but what I find is either the Azores or Madeira and maybe Lisbon. I really want to go soon.

    1. Azores are more suited if you like true nature, hiking and the outdoors. It’s much less crowded than Madeira and you rarely find busy spots to eat or take a photo.

      Apart from some great hiking trails and scenic views, infrastructure in Madeira is more developed, there are more hotels and tourists.

      Up to you!

  40. Obrigada! De uma Portuguesa em Inglaterra, ja faz mais que 10 anos que não vou a Portugal.
    Realmente ha muitas tradições que ninguém nunca ira entender, como as padeiras, a culinária, a historia, muitas pessoas não entendem.
    Tenho muitas SAUDADES. <3

  41. Thanks – I have 9 days in Portugal. Is it best to split my time between Lisbon & Porto and take day trips from each? Travel by car or train? I would imagine parking could be difficult…

    1. Well depends on what you want to see, you’re the best person to decide that! I’m afraid you can’t visit all the places in this article by doing day trips from Lisbon, some are just too far away.

      Having that said, yes I recommend getting your own wheels for more flexibility.

  42. Great article. I am an Aussie in Valencia visiting friends and will have 4 days to visit Portugal. Where should I go to maximise the experience (single middle aged female on a budget – love sun, water, food, history, walking, meeting people). Fly from Valencia to?

  43. Hello I have just read your blog which was very interesting, we are going to cascais in June and staying at the grand villa real hotel while there we plan to eat well and hope to find some good restaurants ,what do you recommend for all price ranges high end dining to local cuisine.

    1. Indulge in seafood whenever you can, Lisboa and Cascais are great places for that.

      For good steak, try Dom Prego (very local).

  44. I am thinking of traveling to Portugal this fall,and maybe buying a small home. Is it safe for a widow to travel or live by herself?

    1. Yes! We have great weather and the people are nice and really friendly. Im not saying this for being Portuguese, but we’re a safe country overall. I’ve lived in Spain and France for 2 years and Portugal is better for living a peaceful and happy life!

  45. Hi Bruno, that was an excellent read. I am planning 20 days trip over Protugal, so you’ve helped me a lot.
    Could you recommend me some places on the eastern and central part of Portugal that are worth visit?

    Best regards.

    1. If you haven’t visited it yet, I suggest Castelo Branco ( beautiful town with amazing view from the Castle, with low population, ideal to relieve the stress and chill ) , Evora ( historical buildings, culture ) and Coimbra ( my favourite town to visit on Central part, beautiful streets, buildings, college, and great parks near the river).
      These are on the central part of Portugal, you can always visit Lisbon,Porto and Algarve(Faro) for the beaches and amazing views aswell.

  46. This was a very interesting article. I’m planning a trip in October, and your article got me even more excited to go!
    I was wondering if you could help me with the itinerary…
    My boyfriend and I (both in our 30s) are planning a trip to Portugal beginning of October (Oct. 1 early morning to Oct. 9 or 10) and we desperately need help with the planning! We will fly into Ponte Delgada where I know a tour guide, so we don’t need suggestions for there, and stay a few days, then fly to Lisbon. We want to stay in Lisbon for a few days then take the train to Porto for a few days too, and then come back to Lisbon to fly out. We’re not sure how many days to spend at each of those places. We are interested in wineries, food, culture, beaches, river cruises, city tours, half/day or day trips, etc… What other cities should we visit and how to get to those places. I’ve been recommended to see Matosinhos, so I’m thinking surf class. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you so much for any advice you could give us.

    1. Looks like you have everything well planned out.

      I recommend maybe going to Sintra. Check out my other article about experiences Lisbon in this same blog!

      If you are into wineries, don’t miss the wine lodges of Gaia (opposite margin of the river of Porto). A river cruise through Douro might be a good idea for a daytrip!

  47. What a fabulous article! At first I was hesitant about going but now I am 100% convinced! I like the originality , sincerity and sense of humour about this article!

  48. We visited Portugal this summer – and loved it. One of my favorite towns was Evora. The span of history was fascinating…19th century buildings, gothic cathedral and bone chapel, Roman temple, and megalithic standing stones. All with a wonderful square with restaraunts and good wine.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Laura. Évora is indeed such a charming city with its medieval walls in the middle of those huge fields around. I found the bone chapel a bit too creepy – maybe because I was there all by myself!

  49. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and amusing, and let
    me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The issue is something not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something concerning this.

  50. I went to Lisbon for my Honeymoon. We wanted a European country that had great history, wasn’t one of the typical locations for people to go honeymooning, had amazing food, and was relatively inexpensive. Portugal fit the bill and it could not have been better. The food was ridiculously good (I really love food, lucky I got a good metabolism) and the fish was amazingly fresh. I had fish for every meal and I never got bored because they can cook it in so many different ways. And you really can’t beat $9 Salmon fillets bigger then my face.

    The sunsets were gorgeous, the people were friendly and they did all speak English. I learned some Portuguese but wasn’t very confident with it and everyone speaking English didn’t force me to flex those muscles (so I guess that’s a down side)

    The history is great and everything there is old and beautiful. We went in May and had an amazing time. The Lisbon Zoo is the best I have ever visited. We originally weren’t going to go but had such a great time at the Aquarium that we decided to check it out. It was huge and amazing. Like everything else there.

    All together, including our plane tickets from the US, I think the whole trip cost us $4500, maybe, it was more likely less. But it was worth twice that for the experience we got.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story! Portugal is not often chosen as a honeymoon destination, but it’s such a diverse country it really has something for everyone.

      I’m still to find a better place to eat fish than Portugal. It’s cheap and it’s delicious. Just reading you talk about it made me hungry!!

      Did you do any daytrips? Let me know if one day you are willing to come back, can help you with some tips and planning for other places in the country!

      Obrigado! 🙂

  51. Great review and now I have great ideas of where to go on our trip in June with my inlaws(60ish,brother and wife) and my teenage kids..Looking forward to the Azores and southern Portugal for the beaches..I have always wanted to go whale watching so that is now on my list of things to do in Portugal. Can you suggest a great beach with waves in Sao Miguel? Also how many days would you suggest for the Azores and the mainland? We are coming from the U.S. And staying 12 days trying to see as much as possible with some relaxation too..

    1. Well, almost all beaches in the Azores have waves. If you’re looking for particularly big waves, the best are in the Northern coast of Sao Miguel – Santa Barbara for instance.

      As for the overall timings of the trip, it depends on how many islands you want to visit. For only Sao Miguel, I recommend at least 4-5 days to fully take it in. Check my article on the 4-day itinerary of Sao Miguel to have a better understanding.

  52. DON”T POST this… it’s just a note to you.

    1) Great post… I’m sold. Coming in April.
    2) Just because they caught my eye… Editing: #18 You can (get) back in touch… add ‘get’
    3) Editing: #41 flock every yea (add the ‘r’ to year)

  53. I just came home from 2 months in Portugal! We stayed up north about 2 hours away from Porto. I felt a pang of nostalgia reading this (especially the bacalau). The Sporting & Benfica stadiums in Lisboa are pretty cool for all the soccer-lovers (which is almost everyone in Portugal haha).

    1. Soccer is pretty much the favorite topic of conversation of every portuguese (except me). Where did you stay? 2 months is a long time, you must have wandered a lot!

  54. A childhood dream to visit and experience my birth father’s Portuguese bloodline (Santos) of where they originated from. I have yet to do the genealogy to know exactly where my grandparents (Andrade and Santos) and great grandparents originated from by ship to Hawaii. That in itself would be so meaningful to me. It is a goal to make my dream a reality! I am thankful and love all that is shared of my heritage.

    1. It’s really impressive to see how much you appreciate your own heritage. I’m sure a visit to Portugal would be a trip to discover more about yourself, you should definitely put it on your plans.

    1. I got back 10 days ago:) I went to Tanzania. Kilimanjaro was amazing and the safari great! Dreaming of my next trip I looked up the Azores and saw the weather in December isn’t great. I’ll have to find another vacation time to make it work!

  55. Loved this article! I’m moving to PortugalPortugal from the US in January for work and any info on day to day living as well as things to do is always appreciated. I’m so excited to experience this country!

  56. Love your write up for Portugal. I run a holiday business renting out villas and apts in the Algarve and have been doing this for over 20 years. There are many beautiful areas – I did a driving tour once through the Douro valley down to Porto which was beautiful and then continued down through the Alentejo (great wine as you say!) down alone the wild and stunning west coast to the Algarve. I do love the Algarve but there are many other areas worth a visit as you say. People are very friendly and yes do speak great English. I will tag your blog on my fb page. Kind rgds Nichola

    1. Thanks for your words Nichola. Looks like you’ve been everywhere, you just need to go to Azores now!
      I wish all the success to your business, although I’m sure you won’t have much problem finding clients 😀

  57. hi

    wonderful write up and pictures! and yes Portugal is amazing! we visited last may and are coming out again in October as we have decided to retire there from the uk. I have working line german shepherds and so we have in common the dogs and a love of Portugal lol…..It would be nice if you would drop me an email – I would love to talk with you

    best wishes

    1. I can’t stay for sure it’s true, but that’s a common saying in Portugal and actually my mom had a “1001 ways to cook codfish” at home :p

  58. I just got back from my first time in Portugal last night and I cannot stop laughing at the accuracy of this list!!!! Very well written

  59. My husband is from Portugal and my mother in law lives there now. I visited a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the country. I long to back! We fully plan on living there one day.

  60. 4 motivos para visitar Portugal:
    a) Populacão amigável, b) bastante coisas para ver e fazer, c) comidas e bebidas da primeira, e d) a idioma näo é super-complicada! Atenciosamente K.K.

  61. We love Portugal so much we moved our business here, we are in the middle of the Alentejo near the beautiful city of Portalegre. Our business is based around the touristic motorcyclist a group who love to explore.
    We found you on a facebook link so we will spread your blog there and hopefully you can spread ours.
    We are definitely high up on any touristic motorcyclists agenda…
    You can even book us direct through Booking.com and airbnb so get on it.
    Thank you for a very interesting re evaluation of Portugal.

    1. I will definitely take a look and congrats for your business, definitely hit a nice niche there!
      And thanks for choosing Portugal!


  62. I ve been in Portugal twice – my first time was in 2008 and the second one this year. I trully love this country, especially Lisboa (I am sure I will move there someday) and Algarve coast (around Portimao…). I dont want to wait another 7 years for next visit 😉 Btw, its not true that food in restaurants is “deadly” cheap – 6-7 euro is rather an average price of francesinha , not – bacalhau a braz, but I agree with you in all other points. Great article!

    1. Thanks mate.
      From my experience when I lived in Lisboa I could eat Bacalhau a Bras (and similar) for 6-7 euros as a “dish of the day” in many restaurants out of the most touristy areas. In Porto, next to the place I worked, there was a restaurant with codfish dishes for 4 euros (!). I’m assuming prices at dinner are a bit higher, but it’s possible to eat for 6-7 euros.

      Anyway, you shouldn’t definitely wait 7 years for the next visit Tom!


  63. Great article with beautiful pictures. I am living in the Algarve since 2007 and started a website with info and rentals. I just wanted to add that even in the middle of August there are lots of places to visit or to stay, where you are away from the crowds and find peace and quiet.

    1. Thanks for your insight Marianne.
      I was mostly referring to the most touristic places and major cities, I’m sure there are beautiful places where you find some peace, even in August!

  64. All great points! Now I’m craving Portuguese food and wine. Do you know where I can find good Portuguese recipes?

    I may be the only person who didn’t fall in love with Porto. I liked it and I won’t deny it’s a very lovely city, but I didn’t -love- it. Maybe because I’m faithful to Lisbon? 😉

    I’d love to go to NOS Alive again, been there four years ago when it was still called Optimus Alive and had a great time 😀

    1. All the recipes I know are in my head 😀
      But I’m sure there’s a Pinterest board about it!

      Maybe I loved Porto so much because I lived there and got to know the true essence of the people, the city became even more beautiful on my eyes.