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What can Geeky Explorer do for you?

I don’t plan to stop exploring the world anytime soon and Geeky Explorer is the platform where I share my learnings on my travels in the form of easy-to-follow content enriched with captivating media.

My website is a trusted resource for independent travelers to find inspiration and resources in their travels.

Here are some ways we can partner up:

If you’ve got something in mind simply drop me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Looking forward to working with you!

Why should you care?

Partnering up with a travel blogger is the most effective and authentic way for your business to target audience with real purchasing power. The tricky part is to find one that is honest, transparent, and engaged with their audience.

Geeky Explorer is an ever-increasing website able to influence independent travelers with my recommendations and advice about travel-related products, services, and accommodation.

I help people from all backgrounds on travel planning and tips and my ultimate goal is to encourage people to travel more and prove that it is accessible to everyone.

Here are some of my statistics, but please feel free to ask more details – I can send my full media kit for more detailed data about my audience, online outreach, and other website statistics. statistics (updated 1st November 2018)

  • Sessions: 2.5 million sessions in 2018
  • Monthly PageViews (Monthly average of last 3 months): 214,000+
  • Monthly Unique Visitors (Monthly average of last 3 months): 159,000+
  • Top 5 Traffic Origins (in order): United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Philippines
  • Average Global CTR in Google: 6,95%
  • Monthly Reach (Website+Social Media): 172,000+ people

Brands that have worked with Geeky Explorer

I’ve partnered up with brands like EasyJet and Trivago and my work has been mentioned and featured in a handful of travel-related websites, such as Expedia and Lonely Planet.

Check my media & press page for a detailed list of my online exposure, but meanwhile these are some of the brands that I’ve worked with so far:


Adventure Dubrovnik

Tour Review

flight of the gibbon travel blogger

Flight Of The Gibbon

Tour Review & Social Media Campaign

travel blogger collab expedia

Expedia UK

Online coverage

grabr geeky explorer


Freelance Travel Writer


Travel Writer & Member of Skyscanner Elite

travello geeky explorer travel ambassador


Brand Ambassador

trip creator geeky explorer

Trip Creator

Freelance Travel Writer

travel blogger collab trivago


Online coverage

Let’s make this happen!

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