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Good travel resources are essential to improve the overall experience abroad.

This page is a comprehensive listing of the travel products and sites I personally use to make the most out of my money. I’m sharing them with you so that you can travel smarter too!

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Where To Book Affordable Accommodation

In recent years, travel accommodation has suffered a revolution with hostels and Airbnb. These came to widen up the world of opportunities of finding a bed abroad. Here are the sites I normally use to book the best accommodation around the world.

Travel Smart - Travel Resources to Make You Explore The World Smarter - Booking

My absolute favorite to book my accommodation worldwide. Wide range of prices – from extreme budget to luxury resorts – and free cancellation in most of the hotels make it an awesome resource!

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Travel Smart - Travel Resources to Make You Explore The World Smarter - Airbnb


Everything from minimalist rooms to luxurious villas available listed directly by the owner. Yet, the majority of publishings are either rooms or small flats at very friendly prices.


More than a website, Couchsurfing is a community of travelers worldwide which allow you to get a free couch or bed anywhere in the world. A great way to connect with local people.

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Where To Book Affordable Flights

I never by a flight without making some research before in several sites and apps. Your odds of getting a cheaper flight improve dramatically if you check your flights in advance and often. Here are my favorite flight booking sites!

Travel Smart - Travel Resources to Make You Explore The World Smarter - Skyscanner


Check the daily and monthly prices of the flights and easily choose the cheapest one. The Explore option is great if you don’t have a specific destination in mind yet. A must-have! Also try their mobile app.

Secret Flying

Despite the poor User Experience, this site has dozens of incredible U.S. and European flight deals every day. Some of them are a result of errors in the airline booking systems.


Receive up to 600 EUR in compensations for flight delays and compensations. You only pay if you get the money!

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Transports: Get from point A to point B

Smart Travel Resources - GetAround

GetAround (ex-Drivy)

Find cars around you, ready to be hired for hours or days. You unlock the car with your phone, no humans involved.
Get a discount on your first ride using this link.

Travel Smart - Travel Resources to Make You Explore The World Smarter - Rome2rio


I use it a lot to find out how to get around and gives options by bus, train, plane, taxi or shared car. Impressive database!


Doesn’t work everywhere, but where it does, it’s amazing. Superb navigation and insider tips to make any urban trip more efficient.

My Favorite Travel Gadgets

I wouldn’t be a geeky traveler without any good gear, would I?
Here is a selection of my top favorite travel gadgets, but make sure to have a look at my complete travel accessories list or online travel shop.

Universal Travel Adapter

I mean, this is essential for a modern traveler. Works in 150+ countries.

GoPro Hero 12 Black

Capture basically everything, underwater or in the sky, and whatever the speed. For its new version, GoPro introduces a 9:16 framing setting for 1080p and 4K video at up to 60 frames per second.

BOSE Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These over-ear phones are some of the best in the market right now. 3 levels of noise cancellation, seamless Bluetooth pairing, and even with built-in Alexa assistant.

Apple iPad Air with WiFi 256 GB

Your computer away from home! The 10.9″ liquid Retina display is guaranteed to give you many hours of entertainment on the road. Or on the plane.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The new Paperwhite version is waterproof and has a 300 dpi glare-free display allowing you to read on the beach and in bed at night. Plus, from my experience a single battery charge lasts for weeks!

Nikon COOLPIX p1000 Digital Camera

With an incredible 125x zoom, this camera is great for close-ups (think nature or architecture details), something that smartphones simply can’t do. Yet, anyway.

6-Port USB Wall Charger

We live in a digital world. Quickly and conveniently charge all your devices at once with this compact USB hub.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

With 20,000 mAh capacity, this power bank is guaranteed to give you battery to charge your devices for days.

HUAWEI 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Router

Put any SIM card in the world inside and it will share the data across all your devices via WiFi (up to 10!). The battery lasts 12 hours of working. Can’t recommend it enough!

Geeky Explorer Travel Shop

My travel shop on Amazon with all you need for a smart and hassle-free travel.

How To Save Money


Don’t waste more money in fishy currency exchange bureaus at the airport. Works like a virtual wallet where you can save, exchange and make payments in several currencies.


If you have an eSIM compatible phone (e.g. iPhone X or superior), with this app you can conveniently purchase data plans for every country you’re traveling to even before you’re there. No more dodgy WiFi networks nor physical SIMs.

Use the code BRUNO5384 for free credit on your first eSIM purchase!

How To Stay Safe

Because YOU NEVER KNOW what can happen during a trip. You’ll never forgive yourself if something happens. Better safe then sorry!

Safety Wing

Flexible and affordable travel medical insurance for digital nomads, online freelancers and entrepreneurs, and travelers. Offering reliable worldwide coverage and limited home country coverage, automatic monthly payments, and can be purchased even if you are already on the road.

Other Handy Travel Sites

Living the places you go like a local makes everything more interesting!

Eat With

Forget about restaurants, having dinner in someone’s else home is a much more interesting experience. One of those business ideas I wish I had first!

Travel Smart - Travel Resources to Make You Explore The World Smarter - TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor

Got to be honest and say this is not my favorite app. It’s sluggish, full of ads and fake reviews of restaurants and hotels. I only use it for 2 things: the travel forum which is great to connect with other travelers and to check reviews of tours. I’d avoid everything else.


A great site for a detailed tracking airline fares. If you start your flight research early enough, it can save you loads of money. Reliable, intuitive and super user-friendly.

Seat Guru

Everything you wanted to know about your seat on the plane and more. Oddly addictive!

An online travel guide that helps you pick the right moment to visit a certain destination. Impressive database with easy-to-follow visuals and graphs. Great travel planning tool!

My Favorite Travel Blogs

The list of travel blogs I regularly read is actually very small. Still, some have become a sort of an inspiration for me. They know how to deliver TRULY interesting and original travel content and they should make excellent reads for you too.

Happy travels!

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