How To Get From Lisbon Airport to City Center (Without Getting Scammed)

lisbon airport to downtown airport terminal

Find out how to conveniently get from Lisbon airport to city center and some of the most important places. First tip: stay away from taxis!

Lisbon is one of the most charming capitals in Europe. There are many unique things to do, see and taste here that can keep you busy for at least 3 full days. Any less and you’ll be missing out on some of the most quirky and special sights and places.

But this post is about arriving at Lisbon.

Lisbon airport is very close to the city center. You can get to Lisbon’s city center in several ways, but sadly the traditional cute yellow trams don’t pass here.

The “best” transport for you will depend on where exactly are you going, how many of you are traveling and the time of the day. Many travelers take the easy decision of hopping in the first taxi they see. Find out why this might be a bad idea.

lisbon airport to city center downtown aeroporto building

Lisbon Airport to City Center: Distance & Options

There are plans to build a second airport farther away, but for now all commercial planes land in the Humberto Delgado Airport, in the Portela area. It is located about 7km from the heart of the downtown (Baixa).

Here’s a breakdown of some areas of the city and the corresponding best way of getting there, as well as much time you can expect to get there.

WhereBest wayHow much (in Euros, 2019 prices)How long
Bairro AltoUber9-1215min
Baixa-ChiadoAerobus (or Uber)3,60 (or 5,40 return)20min
Cais do SodréAerobus3,60 (or 5,40 return)25min
MarquêsAerobus3,60 (or 5,40 return)20min
Parque das NaçõesMetro210min
RossioAerobus3,60 (or 5,40 return)25min
São SebastiãoMetro220min

hotels lisbon safest areas

Top hotels in Lisbon

I’ve made the hard work for you.
This is a pre-filtered list of hotels in the safest areas of Lisbon.

Lisbon Airport to City Center: Metro

lisbon airport to downtown metro map diagram
Lisbon Metro diagram. The Airport station (“Aeroporto”) is highlighted in orange.

Metro is by far the cheapest way to get to downtown Lisbon. The metro station “Aeroporto” was recently built and is conveniently located just at the right at the arrivals hall.

It’s part of the red line going to São Sebastião and has several connections with the remaining lines, making it easy to get pretty much anywhere in the city center.

A journey from the airport to São Sebastião or Saldanha takes about 20 minutes.

You’ll need to buy a Viva Viagem card in the ticket machines (0,50EUR) and top it up with either individual trips or money (Zapping) option. This card can also be used in the yellow public buses of Carris.

From Lisbon Airport to Downtown by Metro

  • Specially recommended if: you’re on a budget or heading to the areas of Saldanha, Parque das Nações or São Sebastião.
  • Not recommended if: you carry heavy luggage or traveling in rush hour
  • Price: a ticket costs 1,50EUR (+0,50EUR for the Viva Viagem reusable card)
  • Lisboa’s Metro

Lisbon Airport to City Center: Aerobus

lisbon airport to city center aerobus

NOTE: Aerobus is not working at the moment!

Aerobus is a special bus service is operated by Carris/Yellowtours and offers 2 distinct lines to Lisbon center:

  • Line 1 – City Center (every 20min): stops in Entrecampos, Campo Pequeno, Avenida da República, Saldanha, Picoas, Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Liberdade, Restauradores, Rossio, Praça do Comércio, Cais do Sodré
  • Line 2 – Financial Center (every 40min): stops in Entrecampos, Sete Rios, Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, Praça de Espanha, Avenida José Malhoa.

This is a very good option to travel from the airport to many places in Lisbon.

Aerobus conveniently stops near some of the major hotels of the city as well in some of connecting hubs like the bus terminal of Sete Rios and the train stations of Entrecampos and Cais do Sodré.

Buses depart from the platform just in front of the arrival hall and include a special place to store luggage.

From Lisbon Airport to Downtown by Aerobus

  • Specially recommended if: you’re heading to one of the most busy places in Lisbon like Marquês, Avenida da Liberdade, Rossio or Cais do Sodré
  • Price: a one-way 24h ticket costs 4EUR and a return 6 EUR. There are small discounts for children and if you buy online.
  • Aerobus website

Lisbon Airport to City Center: Uber

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know what Uber is. In Lisbon they completely changed a market dominated by greedy and rude taxi drivers with old vehicles. Uber service in Lisbon is very reliable, cars are impeccably clean and often new.

There is a Uber pick-up point in the departures terminal. This means that instead of you exiting the building when arriving outside, you’ll need to go to your right (still inside the airport) and climb up the escalators to the upper level. The designated area is located in the parking lot just outside when exiting the doors.

Fares obviously depend on where you’re going, but should be somewhere between 7-15EUR for a ride. Bolt sometimes is a bit cheaper.

From Lisbon Airport to Downtown by Uber

  • Specially recommended if: you are in a rush, arriving late in the night or going to areas not well served by public transport. I’m talking about places like Alfama or anywhere in the suburbs.
  • Not recommended if: you don’t have data on your phone/tablet.
  • Price: ranging from 7-15EUR (UberX ride).
  • Uber website

hotels lisbon safest areas

Top hotels in Lisbon
I’ve made the hard work for you.
This is a pre-filtered list of hotels in the best areas to stay in Lisbon.


Lisbon Airport to City Center: Bus

 lisbon airport to downtown bus carris
Don’t worry about the temperature sign, 10 degrees is not that common in Lisbon.

There are several buses from Carris which stop in the arrival terminal of the airport. These go to various places in the city.

  • 705: Oriente-Aeroporto-Roma/Areeiro
  • 722: Praça de Londres-Aeroporto-Portela
  • 744: Marquês-Aeroporto-Moscavide
  • 783: Amoreiras-Aeroporto-Portela
  • 208: night bus going to Cais do Sodré and Oriente

However, be aware that buses in Lisbon are not known for its reliability and you might have to wait considerably. Plus, it’s only allowed to take luggage with max measures of 50x40x20cm.

For these reasons, unless you are going to specific destinations served by the bus network, buses are not a very convenient option to get to Lisbon’s city center. In any case for more details and schedules, check Carris’ bus route planner.

From Lisbon Airport to Downtown by Bus

  • Specially recommended if: going to more uncommon destinations (e.g. Amoreiras) and you’re on a budget.
  • Not recommended if: you carry large luggage or traveling in rush hour
  • Price: the onboard fare is 1,85EUR, but if you buy your ticket through a Viva Viagem card, it’s only 1,45EUR.
  • Carris website

Renting a car in Lisbon Airport

Renting a car when arriving to Lisbon might be worthwhile specially if you’re planning to go to other places in Portugal like Porto or even go for a road trip along the coast.

Right in the arrivals terminal you will find the desks of all major car rental companies (e.g. Europcar, Guerin, Hertz, etc). Make sure you compare the prices online in advance to grab the best deal.

Lisbon Airport to City Center: Private Transfers

Some private companies offer shared transfers departing every 15 min from the arrivals hall. Compared to the Aerobus, the benefit here is they offer door-to-door transfer to many hotels in Lisbon.

One of these companies is 100 Rumos. You can buy tickets in advance on their website.

From Lisbon Airport to Downtown by Bus

  • Specially recommended if: going to more uncommon destinations or in a large group
  • Not recommended if: you are traveling alone and on a budget
  • Price: starts at 6EUR.
  • 100 Rumos website

Lisbon Airport to City Centre: Avoid Taxis!

 lisbon airport to downtown taxis arrival halls

My last experiences using a taxi in Lisbon were dreadful. Everything from the driver smoking with the windows closed, dropping me in a random place just because it was more convenient for him or bitching because my “destination was too close”.

So if they are like this to locals, what happens with tourists? Well this and worse. They’re often rude, greedy and drive old vehicles. They also often take pointless detours to trigger the meter up or might charge you for a crazy luggage fee. Oh and don’t expect them to speak good English.

Thankfully there are still professional and honest taxi drivers around, but I still don’t recommend a taxi to anyone arriving Lisbon. No one wants a stressful first experience of a trip!

If you still prefer getting on a taxi to get to Lisbon downtown, the taxi fare should never be more than 20 euros. Here are some other tips:

  • Write down your destination name to avoid any miscommunication (intentional or not).
  • Use MyTaxi. This app is for “normal” taxis, but they pre-filter the drivers based on car safety, cleanliness and use of English language.
  • Head to the “Departures” section of the airport and hop in a taxi there. Not only you don’t have to queue, but the taxis there have just dropped off clients and don’t expect to take back anyone. Result: they’ll be much nicer.
  • Ask the price beforehand.
lisbon things to do

The best things to do in Lisbon

Enjoy Lisbon to the fullest.

How did you get to Lisbon city centre from the airport?
Share your experience below!

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  1. We re actually coming by train from Porto. Getting off at Oriente station. Need transport for 2 w/luggage to Sheraton Lisboa. Is Uber only practical option?

  2. I’m enjoying this blog, thanks Bruno! I’m heading to Lisbon for a 2nd time with some friends soon. Your comments on taxis reminds of a scam I was on the receiving end of last time. Late night, a friend and I were looking for something to eat. We jumped in a taxi downtown and the driver insisted there was only one 24hr McDonalds open at this time – out by Estadio Jose Alvalade. McDonalds, I know, it was late, we were drunk, don’t judge us :). On the way out there we literally passed by numerous late nights restaurants (even other McDonalds). We had figured we were being scammed pretty early on, but because the driver was so crazy (and driving like he was crazy), and had no idea what we we saying to him (or pretended he didn’t understand) we just rolled with it. 

    Anyway, we did end up being dragged all the way out to this McDonalds and eventually back to near Cais De Sodre where he picked us up. We then met back up with our other friends who had just been to McDonalds also… and it was about 3 blocks away! LOL.

    We laugh about it now, and the final bill for the taxi was only about 20 Euro, but still, at the time we had no idea where this guy was taking us!!!

  3. While we are using for going to the airport from the center with aerobus will we wait at the same stops or is there any main stop at the center for going to the airport

  4. Hi, Bruno! Great blog! Excellent information! Just a quick question- is Uber the same in Portugal as in the USA? Payment made through their app on credit and includes tip? Thank you!

    1. Yes, Uber the same in Portugal as in USA. You can make payments through the Uber app on credit card. Uber ride is reliable and cheap in Portugal, was a pleasant surprise.

  5. My husband n me will be staying in Lisbon holiday inn continental, arriving at 11:30 am, we hv a 1/2 day trip at 2 pm, do you think its possible to be on time after checkin at the hotel n to hotel mundial? Thnks in advance

  6. Hi
    Arriving this Sunday at 6 am.
    Figure it takes an hour to get out of airport .

    Does metro run that early ? I’m thinking metro or uber is best ?

  7. Great info. Don’t like Uber so would never use em. Shame about taxis as I would rather use guys who know where they are going. Looks like metro best deal

  8. Thank you very much for the helpful information! We will travel in a few days, for the first time in Lisbon and the address where we should arrive from the Airport is this: Turim Marquês Hotel, R. Mouzinho da Silveira 26, 1250-167. Is there any chance you could give me some advice regarding transportation. Thank you very much in advance! Have a nice day!

    1. There are two main entrances to that station which are far away (Baixa and Chiado). Aerobus stops relatively close to Baixa, but not exactly at the metro entrance.

  9. we are a couple arriving at 10.30 in the morning and staying in Altis Avenida Hotel. What do you suggest us as the best way to arrive to the Hotel? Thanks

  10. Hi there, traveling with 14 adults with at least one luggage each to hotel near Marques de Pombal arriving at lis at 1130 in the evening. What do you suggest as the best way to transfer to the hotel? Thanks.

  11. Great information. I am a 70 year old woman, traveling alone and staying at Hotel Metropole in Rossio Square. Is Uber best bet? I seem to remember cars cannot access the square

  12. Arriving Lisbon Airport at 18:10 during October. 4 people to Rua Anchieta. Should we take UBER?
    Thanks in advance for the advise.

  13. You can get a Taxi voucher at the Tourism Booth. You might have to que up the row, but it is the best way if you still want a taxi.

  14. Hi there, I’m staying at

    Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 18, Lisbon, 1100-070 Portugal.

    I think I arrive midday on a sunday, with a midday flight out monday

    What’s the best way to get to and from? Metro (which lines?) or Uber?


  15. Thanks for all the information. Good easy reading congratulations.
    Arriving May 13 scheduled arrival 19:45 We have gray hair but can walk short distances. Best way to get from airport to Sofitel Avenida da Liberade No 127, Saved some money so this is no such a big issue. Thanks for your reply.

  16. Hello, I appreciate all the information you give.
    My flight take off at 7:10am from LIS to FNC (Madeira Island). I’m staying at the H F Fenix Garden on Rua Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar 3. What time I should go to the airport from there? I can take the airport bus as I don’t have luggage. Did the airport bus run early in the morning?
    Thank you so much. Deborah (Chicago USA)

    1. Don’t think the bus run that early, so Uber is your best bet. Be there 1h30 earlier, maybe you can do 1h if you have your check in done, there won’t be many people at that time in the airport.

  17. Staying in Santa Catarina. One large case. Landing at 09.30. Metro, Uber or other taxi? If Metro, I’m assuming we’d have to change.

  18. Hi, Thanks for the information! Is there is a restriction on carrying luggage on Metro from the airport to downtown? Will there be any additional charge for luggage, other than a shoulder bag?
    Would appreciate your help!

  19. It’s 4 euros from the airport to the city centre on the airport bus

    Lisbon Marriott Hotel
    Avenida dos Combatentes 45



    What transportation option would you recommend?


  21. My wife and I will be arriving at the airport March 2. We will be staying in the Bairro Alto, Rua Luz Soriano 23. What transportation option would you recommend. Obrigado
    David G

  22. Thank you for this detailed information. We arrive at 6:30 pm on a sunday at the Lisbon airport. We are 5 adults. We are heading to the Baixa-Chiado neighborhood. What is your best recommendation for transportation?

    1. I would use the metro. Just take the metro from the airport to São Sebastião and there you have to catch your connecting Metro. It will not take more than 35 min and will cost 1.45€ euros per person (+0.50€ for the rechargeble ticket)

  23. Thank you for the most useful information about arriving in Lisbon.
    I agree the trip from Airport to hotel needs to be stress free and I have had some good and bad ones in different places.

  24. Thank you for this great article and the valuable tips. Will be visiting Lisbon in about two weeks. Looking forward to it already.

  25. We will e in lisbon airport in may/18 what transportation, metro, or bus will take us to Rua da Gloria

  26. Hi,
    It’ll be my 1st time in Lisbon and I’m by myself.
    I’ll be staying at Largo da Sé at Calcada Correio Velho no 3, Lisbon 1100-171, Portugal.
    Would you please give me direction how to get there from the airport? thank you.

  27. My airplane will arrive at 12am at 7october.what is available public transportation to city centre at this time.

  28. Hi, We are couple, arriving in Lisbon first week of October. We are staying at the Hotel Roma Ave. de Roma 33. Which Metro station we should be using. We also looked on the Bus 744 but not sure? We are thinking of renting car on the airport but Hotel Roma do not have a parking. Later on in the week we need to rent a car for our trip to Albufeira.
    Raj Dhaliwal

    1. The nearest metro station is Roma, green line, you’ll need to switch from the red to the green in Alameda.

      You can also take bus #708 or #744, but it doesn’t appear to run until late.

  29. Hi I am staying at the Hotel White Lisboa in 9 Avenidas Novas Lisboa and I am aware there is a metro station near by.
    Could you give me direction on what Metro line to get.

  30. What would you recommend for transportation from Lisbon airport to Fatima for a group of 5? We were planning on taking a taxi for the convenience but now I’m wary because of your tips. Would uber be an option? Or is the bus easy enough to take? Thank you!

    1. I would go with a bus. Like I mentioned on my article, taxis are to be avoided and Uber is still too expensive.

  31. This is a great transportation guide. From my experience, if you have two or more people, Uber is a really good value for many places. Unless your destination is close to a metro station or bus stop, Uber will be quicker, more comfortable, and you don’t have to carry your luggage up and down the hills.

    We’re living in Príncipe Real now. The closest metro station to our flat is a 10 min walk and requires a transfer to most places we want to go to, so despite a strong preference for public transportation, I’ve had to admit that Uber is a solid option. Not sure if they’ll be able to keep prices this low, but take advantage of it while you can!

    1. Principe Real is clearly a Uber area! And you’re right, for 1 person it might be expensive, for with 2 or more, it’s definitely worth it.

  32. I agree with all of the above. I took the Metro to Baixa and the ticket seller automatically gave the Viva Viagem card and explained to me how to use it; made my getting around Lisbon so much easier.

    About taxis, I had a close connection on a Sunday morning, so the lovely man in my hostel suggested I take a taxi which he called for me. It was clean, fast and cost exactly what the receptionist said it would.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel Metro is definitely the most effective way to get to many of the areas in Lisboa.

      Aaand … I’m really glad you had a good experience with taxis! 🙂