The 22 Most Inspiring Instagram Travel Accounts Out There

instagram travel accounts to follow

Instagram is hands down my favorite social network. It’s simple, it’s visual and it creates a quick emotional impact! It’s also a great way to discover new places around the world. No wonder I’m always seeking new Instagram travel accounts to follow!

Although I do double tap cats and minimal designs (and stupid memes cof cof) I’m specially interested in finding new travel accounts. Every week I find new stunning accounts.

The accounts from people that go places and are able to take me with them. The kind of travellers that make me feel like booking flights immediately after scrolling their galleries.

These can be plain travel photographers or bloggers, but also amateurs who know how to tell a story or share their experience somewhere better than professionals.

So, no more delays. With no order in particular, these are my favorite Instagram travel bloggers to feed your wanderlust. They include travel bloggers, Youtube stars, journalists and simple amateurs. Let’s get inspired!

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Paulo del Valle (@paulodelvalle)

Paulo’s was one of the first accounts I followed in Instagram. He’s a Brazilian travel photographer, but mostly a storyteller. His amazing photos in the most varied landscapes inspired me to follow my own wanderlust dream.


Young Adventuress (@youngadventuress)

Liz is one of my favorite travel bloggers out there and Young Adventuress is a BIG SUCCESS in the travel blog world. What I particularly enjoy about her is how down-to-earth and unpretentious she is.

Her gallery in Instagram has bits and bobs from everywhere in the world, but mostly from the awe-inspiring New Zealand outdoors.


Trey Ratcliff (@treyratcliff)

What I like the most about Trey’s body of work is that he’s not afraid of color. In fact, he’s all about color!

You can sneak peek his travel photography blog, displaying more of his amazing pictures.


Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Murad made himself famous due to his incredibly inspiring photo series hashtagged #FollowMeTo, featuring pictures of his girlfriend leading him by the hand in the most exotic destinations.

You can find photos from this couple in the Philippines, Maldives, San Francisco and everywhere in between. Love and travel, I just love this combination!


Beth Williams (@travelsintranslation)

Beth is an American travel, wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Hong Kong. Both on her blog – Travels in Translation – and on her Instagram account she shares loads of insider pictures from all over the map, but particularly from Asia. A very addicting gallery!


Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan)

Daniel is a landscape photographer who shoots STUNNING pictures in remote places like Japan, Russia or Norway.

I have to confess I think this is one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts I’ve EVER come across. After all, almost 300k followers can’t be wrong.


Be My Travel Muse (@bemytravelmuse)

I found Kristin’s Instagram very recently and made an impact on me. It’s one of those accounts you can’t stop scrolling down.

Once a former investment banker in the corporate world, Kristin is a now a travel writer exploring the world full-time. You can follow her on her blog too. Judging by her gallery, I’d say she chose the right path!


Andy To (@andyto)

I’m going to be honest: I don’t know much about whoever is behind this account. In fact, I know nothing.

All I know is that the pictures here are breathtaking and make me want to go places. Apart from the visual element,there are also several inspiring descriptions. So Andy, whoever you are, you are awesome!


Bueno Bonito Barato (@bueno_bonito_barat0_travelblog)

A journalist with very itchy feet. Sarah did all of Central and South America by bus and she’s now focused on Europe.

On her blog she writes in Spanish mainly, but her pictures on Instagram speak by themselves!


Alex Strohl (@AlexStrohl)

What I like about Alex’s gallery is how impactful his pictures can be. A photographer keen on the more remote destinations, he is able to translate the wilderness of incredible nature landscapes directly into his shots.

Alex is one of my top favorite Instagrammers out there, so I strongly suggest take a peek at his account. His photos will surely wow you!


Krista Rossow (@kristarossow)

More than being just another National Geographic photographer, Krista has the amazing ability of telling a story. She’s in this list because of in-depth descriptions of her photos, which make the captures really come alive. With such an interesting gallery, she makes it so easy to travel along with her!

View this post on Instagram

It was so normal in Myanmar to pass groups of young monks or nuns on the street or in temples….I even got cut off in traffic by monks on motor scooters! On my last night in Mandalay, I had just left the Sandamuni Pagoda when I came across these young Buddhist nuns draped in pink. I climbed Mandalay Hill into the sunset and who knows where they ended up. It is amazing how such disparate lives can pass in a flash…and how we smile at each other in our shared humanity. Thank you, Myanmar, for being friendly, welcoming, beautiful, and mysterious. I’ll be back and I hope that whatever changes as the country is opened to the world, that it doesn’t take the joy from the spirit of the beautiful Myanmar people. // #FujifilmX_US @FujifilmX_US @bhphoto #mywinteraway #FujifilmXT1 #Fujifilm @NatGeoCreative @NatGeoTravel

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Breathe With Us (@breathewithus)

Hugo and Cristina are a portuguese couple on a quest to explore the world’s best cultural and nature destinations. I’d say so far they are doing a great job!

Their website and Instagram are packed with useful tips and inspiring experiences. The Iceland collection is my favorite!


Mark Wiens (@migrationology)

Mark Wiens travels with a purpose: to eat food. Sounds like a great life purpose to me. Based in Bangkok, he combines his travels with indulging in the local foods and ingredients. The result is a colorful and yummy Instagram feed: a delight for foodies.

I have a problem with this guy’s feed though. I always get hungry!


The Blonde Abroad (@theblondeabroad)

Kiersten Rich is another example of a well-succeeded corporate woman who left everything for travel. And she really means it: she’s already got more than 40 countries ticked off her bucket list.

Her Instagram account is not all about travel, it’s also packed with lifestyle tips and experiences. The recent photos she took in Indonesia are quite awesome!


The Planet D (@theplanetd)

Another heavy weights of the travel blogosphere. Dave and Deb have travelled to more than 100 countries in all 7 continents and Planet D is an authentic bible of the best travel advice and tips all around the world.

Their Instagram account is filled with incredible pictures taken in a huge variety of places. This one in Iceland is one of my favorites.


Girl Eat World (@girleatworld)

I love everything about this profile. The concept, the name, the composition of the photos, and specially the tagline Eating my way around the world.

Originally from Hong Kong, Melissa Hie started this project because she felt awkward asking strangers to take pictures of her. So she started taking food selfies! On her Instagram you can find a bag of dutch fries in Amsterdam a corn bread in Indonesia, or this koulouri in Greece. I’m hooked!


Jackson Harries (@jackharries)

Jackson is the real deal. During his gap year in England, he started a documentary series in YouTube about his personal life and travels. This series eventually made him famous in the online world: he’s got a website and literally MILLIONS of followers on his Instagram account.

Apart from being a filmmaker and producer, he’s a got an impressive ability to capture interesting photos of the places he’s been to while keeping a very young and fresh vibe. Ah, did I mention he was born in 1993? Yap, you’ll probably hear more from him!


Jonathan Irish (@jonathan_irish)

Jonathan is a professional travel photographer, who used to be part of the National Geographic staff. In 2016, he’s on a quest to visit all of the 59 U.S. National Parks during the centennial of the National Park Service. I sense a lot of good stuff coming!


The World We Travel (@theworldwetravelblog)

Mariana and Victor are a venezuelan couple from who decided to take a leap of faith and abandon their steady 9-to-5 for a life of travel. And just like that, the The World We Travel blog was created.

On Instagram they now share beautiful snaps of New York City – where they are based – and also from everywhere they travel to. Of course Venezuela has a special place on their gallery!


Love Death Travel (@lovedeathtravel)

Despite the daunting name, don’t worry, this account is only about love and travel.

The list of places featured in this gallery is huge, each one more beautiful than the other. I love how he enriches his already-stunning pictures with inspiring lyrics in his descriptions.


Daniel Noll (@uncornered_market)

Uncornered Market is a travel project founded by Daniel and Audrey, a relentless couple who have visited more than 90 countries.

Besides their top-notch travel photography and insights into theyr daily wanderlust, I love how they describe themselves: a “husband-and-wife storytelling team”.


Sam Diephuis (@samimages)

Sam is a professional photographer who makes a living taking stunning pictures all around the world. On his profile, there’s a lot of landscapes, but mostly are artistic captures with a fresh perspective of the world out there.


EXTRA: ME! (@bruno_mb)

In a shameful act of self-promotion, I had to squeeze myself in! It feels damn good to even be featured in the same list as these amazing list of Instagrammers!

My account is still a little fish in a world of travel sharks out there. My first photos in Instagram were taken in 2012 with a crappy camera phone (#throwbackshame). I like to think that I’ve improved by now. And I hope I can continue to get better every shutter at a time!


Other inspiring Instagram travel accounts to follow:

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Impossible not to feel spirited after scrolling such beautiful pictures, right?

It’s amazing how powerful Instagram can be to find out new places and follow the journeys of such inspiring people all around the world. It’s not about the number or likes or followers, it really is all about using the power of image to share amazing experiences.

So if you are on Instagram let’s connect make sure you follow these amazing bunch of travellers too!

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