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Hotel Review

Honest, detailed, and SEO-friendly article review of your accommodation.

Product Review

Honest, detailed, and SEO-friendly article review of your product, service or tour.

Targeted Post

Custom article with real-life advice for travelers, featuring your destination or business.


Targeted text or banner ads, including do-follow links.

Content Creation

High-quality copy or media content, including drone footage.

Press trips

Tailored campaigns to promote your destination, the honest way.

The following are individual deliverable rates.

Contact me for a rate on campaigns or pack offers.

📑 Article Review

I’ll write an honest, SEO-friendly and detailed review article of a travel-related product or service. Eligible products/services include hotels & guesthouses, tours, travel accessories, clothes, items as well as gadgets useful in the travel context.​ 

It will follow the same tone and language of the rest of my website, have a minimum of 1,500 words and include 3 links and custom photos and videos (feel free to share with me any media you want to feature).

I will share the article privately with you before changing for revision and feedback.

Hotel Review

Detailed review article of my stay complete with videos, photos and honest feedback of your hotel, guesthouse or resort.

Sponsored Stay

Accommodation for 2 for the duration of the stay (minimum of 2 nights).

Product Review

Detailed review article of a travel-related product: includes accessories, gadgets, tech, clothing. The commercial value of the product is deductible from the rate.


Tour/Service Review

Detailed review article of a travel-related service: includes tours, transportation, etc. The commercial value of the service is deductible from the rate.


👁️‍🗨️ Advertising

Buy space on and convey your message to a targeted niche of independent travelers.

Ads can be text ads (links) or banner ads (media, videos or images) and the rates will depend on the page and duration of the placement.

I’ll need to know details from your creatives, e.g. sizes, responsiveness, and pages you want to be featured. The following rates are just a reference.

Text Ads (Do-Follow Links)

Placement of do-follow links in existing pages or articles of the website.


🎯 Targeted Post

Travel-related article with real value to the readers, featuring a product/service/destination that can help improve their travel experience. 

The writing is fully done by me, it will have a minimum of 2,000 words and will include 1 do-follow link back to a commercial website. Only businesses that are a fit to my audience will be accepted (e.g. no online casinos).

Targeted Post

Sponsored article featuring a destination or travel business.


📷 Freelance Content & Media

With a 6-year experience in marketing and a range of tech equipment, I have got the skills to craft content experiences for any purpose or business.

From eye-catching photos, to compelling copywriting, and drone footage: everything to present yourself your brand in the best light.

Freelance Media & Copywriting

High-quality photos and videos as well as blog posts, campaign copy, product descriptions, testimonials.


Contact me with the details of your project!

✈️ Press trip

Let me help you promote your destination with my audience. 
Please contact me with the details of your campaign.

Press trip

Travel to and within the destination are to be covered separately.

euros/daily allowance

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