33 Travel Memes That Accurately Describe Going On A Trip

travel memes funny hilarious

A collection of funny travel memes and GIFs that are real AF and perfectly describe any of your last vacations. Featuring some of my favorite ones ever!

Going on a trip is full of funny situations that happen over and over. I’ve put together what usually happens to me and went looking for memes and GIFs that accurately represent what I go through.

The result are these 33 HILARIOUS reactions which I’m sure also resonate with you and your holidays. Let’s go!

travel memes funny hilarious

1You first feel the urge to go traveling.

2Then, weeks trying to convince people to go traveling with you.

funny travel memes going on a vacation the doctor

3When you finally book tickets.

4When there’s so many hotels and apartments to choose from.

5Suddenly there’s less than a week to go.

6It’s the time to be smart about packing.

7On the way to the airport.


8When people in front of you in the security line constantly beep because they forget to take out their phone. And the keys. And the belt. And the watch.

9When you get a window seat.

10When your luggage doesn’t fit the compartment.

11When the person sitting next to you on the plane gets both armrests.

12When a baby cries the entire flight.

13Finally you land in a new country.

14The first drink of the trip.

15The first night out.

16You promised yourself not posting to social media much.

17When people try to communicate with you.

funny travel memes vacation speaking another language

18When you try to communicate with people.

19When your phone dies out of battery and you can’t take any more photos for the day.

20Trying all the amazing local delicacies is a must…

21… but sometimes the street food isn’t that fresh after all.

22When you spot some hot locals.

23When friends call and ask “how is it going”.

24When you get a text from work asking for “urgent” help.

25When you’re in a bar and a group of men on a stag do arrives.

26When touts try to drag you to the “best restaurant” in town.

27You end up meeting amazing people on the road.

28When a herd of tourists ruins your photo moment.

29When your mother calls and asks what have you’ve been eating.

30When the taxi driver “accidently” charges you more.

31Sooner than you realize, the fun is over and it’s time to go back home.

32Arriving home and booking your next trip.

33Post-vacation depression be like:

And then the cycle starts again. Go back to #1!

Which other funny travel memes represent what you feel when you’re going on a trip?
Share your favorites below!

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