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Are you a travel blogger, nomad, expat and want to write an article for Geeky Explorer?
This page is for you!

IMPORTANT: I only accept submissions from bloggers, nomads, and expats. If you are looking for a link back to your product/service or a client, it falls under the category of a sponsored post and I’m currently NOT publishing sponsored posts that aren’t written by me.

Geeky Explorer Guest Post Guidelines

This is what a successful blog post for Geeky Explorer looks like:

  • Topic: The article needs to be travel-related – obviously – and provide real value to my audience with things to do, itineraries, guides about a destination, or general informative descriptions about travel tips and hacks.
  • Copyright: The post must be unique and not published elsewhere on the internet.
  • Content: Personal anecdotes and your own take on things are highly appreciated, but remember the main goal should be to share practical and informative for other travelers in an informal way. Focus on useful tips, down-to-earth practical advice that can help people truly experience their travels.
  • English: Please check your spelling and grammar!
  • Size: 1,500 words is the bare minimum.
  • Images: At least 1 featured image + 3 body images should be provided. All the images need to be high-quality, royalty-free and with a minimum of 1200px width.
  • Format: Ideally, I would like to receive a HTML version of the post, ready to be published but you can also share your draft in a Google Doc in the form below.
  • SEO: I appreciate if you could do a quick SEO research and optimize the article for a keyword.
  • Links: You can include a link back to your blog, portfolio or personal website. Advertisement or links to commercial websites selling product/services are NOT allowed. All links will have to be marked as spam-free by Google.

Post Submission

All you need to do is to prepare your article in a Google Doc and submit the link through the form below (make sure anyone with the link can access it!).

If your article complies with the rules above, I will contact you for details of when it goes live!

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Post Publishing

If the submitted article does not comply with the rules above or if I don’t believe the quality of the content is not a match to the audience, tone or quality of the blog, it’s likely that the request will be ignored.

I also reserve the right to make small tweaks in content structure, and add adverts, banners, or affiliate links. A final version of the article will be shared with you for approval.

Questions? Prefer to deal this by email? You can drop me an email too.

Thank you!