Why You Should Travel The World Right NOW!

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I’m always amazed on how people make the most outrageous excuses to postpone a journey. So I’ve put together a series of reasons why you should travel the world right now!

A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend. She told me she was going to quit her job next month. She was unhappy with her consultancy job, tired of working late every single day and not being well paid.

That’s a great opportunity to reboot, go take a break and travel somewhere, at least for a few weeks

Amazingly, she told me she planned to join another consultancy firm, known for their even worse working hours policy, where she will be earning a few more euros per month doing the EXACT SAME job she was not happy, to begin with. 


‘I would love to go now, but I have time to travel later Bruno! My plan to have €15.000 on my bank account when I turn 30. And then I will make a big trip.’

This triggered me to compile a list of the reasons why you should travel the world right NOW to enrich your life. And this is for everyone, not only for my friend or for the people with trouble getting out of your comfort zone and risk some things in your life to travel. This list is also for the experienced traveler who travels the majority of the time. And last, it is a list for me as well. It’s always good to refresh your life motivations! 

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.


Every time you want to travel the world, something gets in the way, right? Flashnews: that something is YOU. Stop making excuses! I’ve interviewed 24 “travel experts” who found a way to travel more. The beauty is that they are absolutely NORMAL people like you and me.

It will never be easier than it is right now for you to do that which really matters. Something will always going to draw you back. You just need to learn to prioritize what is more important to you right now.

Putting things in perspective is the most valuable exercise you can learn to do. In most cases, you will eventually find out the things drawing you back are not really that important or can be perfectly manageable.

So if you have the desire to travel, just find a way to go. If you master this and apply it to several aspects of your life, you will be unstoppable. You own your life!

Why you should travel the world right now

Plus, you now have literally hundreds of precious tools that have seriously turned the process of travel a lot more simpler. The biggest one is called Internet. So for example if your excuse is money, think twice. With minimal travel hacking skills, you can easily find a cheap flight, find accommodation with huge discounts.

Heck, you can even travel the world without money!

I bet there are at least as many travel deals and promotions as kitten videos in Youtube. Your argument is invalid.


… just in case you haven’t noticed. This is relatively straightforward: it’s better to see the world while you have some energy. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow that may put your life goals in jeopardy. If you are on your twenties, you have added reasons to want to travel. And to travel boldly. You are reckless, with little to regret or hold you down. Basically you are FREE. Please enjoy that freedom as much as you can, if possible with a bit of irresponsibility to make things more fun. For some reason, interesting stories do not start with ‘So I was eating a salad…’.

Why you should travel the world right NOW! | www.geekyexplorer.com

>Of course you can travel later when you’re older, but things will be different.

Your mind will be different, as your personality and your worldview will be molded by years of life experience. As much rewarding a journey can be, it will not have the potential impact on your personal development as while you are in a fruitful young age.

Your body will handle a lot less too. A simple backpack will weigh a lot more. Climbing mountains, hiking trails or kayaking may not even be doable at all. If you aren’t doing all these things now, when will you? And what stories will you have to tell your children?


Maybe one of the most rewarding things about travel is being able to establish a connection with a random stranger. Of course you can do that in your country, but abroad is a totally different story. The propensity for making connections is higher, since you NEED to approach people.

In the process, you get to know completely different people that do not live in the same place, do not think the same way or do not even look the same as you do. To be able to observe such a diversity among us is amazing.  But the real beauty of it is discovering there are more things amongst all of us than the things setting us you apart.


Nothing has taught me more than traveling. In fact, you learn more in a few days abroad than in a whole year in your daily life.  Believe me. When you travel, everything is new and you tend do act like a sponge, absorbing every little detail about the architecture, the weather or the food you see around. Your five senses are aware and overloaded with stimuli. All of this adds up to your culture and your personal experience of the world.

Why you should travel the world cat
We all have this reaction while we are on the road.

You can read many books you want about the Great Wall of China, or see all the Youtube videos about the Colosseum, but nothing compares to actually be there in person. Being there gives you access to in loco insights about the real world, which is NOT at all what you see on the mass media.

Traveling gives you a empowering perspective and an invigorating change of perception. If you are open to it, travel will simply make you a more complete human being. Which is really the whole purpose of life, isn’t it?



Meet new places and new people for a while and suddenly you’ve got to deal with a ton of travel memories. It is easy to anticipate an increase in your general knowledge and improvement of your life experience. That’s a given. What is was not expecting was to learn so much about myself.

I reckon this happens because you are out of your comfort zone, which is an opportunity to meet with your inner needs and fears. You get face to face with them and you learn how to overcome them, sometimes using skills you didn’t even know you had. And every single time that is done, you grow inside. 

Plus, I feel traveling is a powerful humbling experience. It makes you feel so small while exploring such a big world out there. When you are in contact with dramatically different scenarios from what you have known all your life, you really begin to notice you’re just a little drop in the ocean after all. All your dramas and worries mean nothing, because you get to know much more impactful stories from around the planet.

Why you should travel the world right NOW! | www.geekyexplorer.com

This can turn your journey into a liberating and stress-releasing experience. You come back relaxed. Free. But also emotionally impacted. One thing is for sure: you certainly do not come back the same (see next topic).


Oh yeah. For good. Traveling is so deeply transformational: it will change you like little else can.

A few years ago, I was an introvert and felt really uncomfortable talking to strangers. Now, I find myself able to approach people easily and I am sure a lot of that came from traveling. It will put you in awkward situations that will force you to improve your small talk skills and your ability to make new friends out of nowhere.

I also think that traveling entails a confidence boost. You become more confident just for accomplishing tiny little things like navigate through unknown cities or be able to order what you wanted at a local restaurant. Those are personal victories that make you more adventurous: the more you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, the less uncomfortable they become. As a result, you begin wanting new challenges. Like eating bugs. Or jumping off a cliff.

Why you should travel the world right NOW!

Don’t get me wrong: I also make up some excuses not to travel. Otherwise, I would have already departed to explore the world full time a looong time ago. Stories like the one from my friends Karolina and Patrick make me inspired. Despite their restraints, they still decided to travel the world like crazy and do what they enjoy the most!

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Bottom line: when in doubt, GO. Don’t let yourself be a barrier to your growth. Your time in this planet is too short not to enjoy the sense of adventure and personal growth that comes with traveling. 

The sooner you have that mindset, the more you will learn. It is really not worth to wait for the ideal time to travel because there will be no such thing in the future. Just go and enjoy the world. NOW.

Why you should travel the world right NOW