Geeky Explorer Travel Manifesto

My Travel Manifesto below will pinpoint my travel style more effectively.

Geeky Explorer Travel Manifesto

    • I’ll keep it real around here.

Despite our planet being indeed full of beautiful places and rarely I have experiences I consider bad, the reality is travel is not a bed of roses. I’ll be honest in everything I put in this website. This is a BS-free zone.

    • I’m addicted to nature.

Hey, I was born in an island surrounded by lakes, mountains and the sea with lots of possible outdoor activities. Although I like the energy of big cosmopolitan cities, I find more joy while in contact with nature. In fact, more than enjoying nature, I need nature around me. Hiking, canyoning, swimming or just relaxing among mountains, lakes or rivers are truly the best travel plans I can have. Geeks can be nature lovers too!

    • I hate Hop-on-Hop-Off buses.

What can I say? I think they’re exactly the opposite of how a city should be lived and explored.

    • … and cruise ships too.

Absolutely no interest in them. Too pretentious for my taste and terrible for the environment. Plus I don’t like to explore a new place with the clock ticking for the next gala dinner!

    • I probably take too many pictures.

Can’t help it. The whole idea of encapsulating a real-life moment into a 2D set of pixels is fascinating to me. I consider myself a photographer myself – who doesn’t? Let’s connect on my favorite social network!

    • Llamas are on the top of my animal bucket list.

Just thought it was nice to throw a random fact in here.