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Welcome to the first post of my blog. I’ve wanted to create a travel blog for some time now and I finally decided to begin my geeky journey! Yay! But where are my manners? Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Bruno, nice to meet you! This is how I look like in a very cold day:

This is geeky Bruno in a very cold day in Copenhagen.
This is geeky Bruno in a cold day in Copenhagen.

You might have read something about me. I was born in the Azores (bonus points for those who know exactly where that is!), but currently living in Lisbon. I have a boring job working as an IT consultant and I have a dream of one day be able to dedicate 100% of my precious time to what is truly my passion: traveling.


One word at a time. Geeky because i am a technology addict, can’t live without my phone, my iPad and my computer. I HAVE to know in first hand what is trending out there, so I follow lots of technology websites and blogs to keep me posted, particularly about travel gadgets, apps and websites.

And the Explorer part? Well, I could say hollowly it’s because I love traveling. DA-AH! Seriously? Who doesn’t?! You’re right, but I feel it’s all about HOW you travel. You can hop around the city in those big red buses, see some monuments in record time and stay in a fancy luxury hotel spending your whole year of savings for 1 week. That’s legit. But it’s not my definition of travel. I prefer to wander around, get lost in those narrow streets, experience the culture, eat what the locals eat, even if that means not seeing all the churches in the city. I like to EXPLORE.

Geeky Bruno canyoning in the Danube, somewhere between Slovakia and Austria
Geeky Bruno exploring the Danube.


Well, during quite a long time I collected some generic ideas of what to post, but the truth is that I don’t want to limit myself to any theme or particular “sub-world” of travel.

As a working IT consultant, you may find some posts related to areas such as Design Thinking, Information Architecture and User Experience Design somehow related to travel apps or websites. Or maybe not and I am just hallucinating. As an ice-cream lover, you may find a post about where to eat the best ice cream in Rome. I might be sharing money-saving tips to explore Thailand. Or some random information about a strange habit people do in Egypt. I don’t know. I guess I will be posting what I feel like posting and eventually will learn what I like to talk about the most.

All I know is that I do NOT want to be just another travel blogger, talking about how awesome every place is, how friendly are the people, bla bla bla. And I certainly don’t want to be just another travel guide. For sure, I will share some travel tips and hacks I feel are key to experience a certain place, but is all part of my experiences I want to share with you. Actually that’s the main goal of this website: to not only write about my travel experiences worlwide but also to share what I learn in each destination for you and me be able to travel smart.

Very important: as a non native English speaker, blogging in English can be quite difficult for me. Sometimes I need to workaround the same phrase over and over and in the end I feel my original thought was lost in translation. Plus, I reckon some of grammar and vocabulary mistakes in the future. Please feel free to correct me!

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you come back!



We might be something cool going on, but not that cool to give you my home address. Still, you can contact me at geekyexplorer (at) gmail (dot) com or stalk me aggressively in social media:

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Have a nice day and happy travels!!

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  1. As a native English speaker, your writing is spot on. Very easy to read and understand. There are no noticeable grammar or spelling mistakes. Safe travels!

  2. I’m happy I found your blog, I like what I’ve read so far! 😀 I’m currently drinking a glass of port wine and thinking that I should really visit the Azores soon (yes, I know where that is, I have a friend who lives there). Oh, I work in IT too, as a software developer 😉 Happy travels!

    1. Thank you so much Vlad! I am sure we would give you free accommodation, you should arrange a flight in 2015! 😀

      You’ve got a new reader as well 😉

    1. Thank you very much Sangita.
      IT professionals are going to dominate the world! 🙂

      Btw, loved the spiritual perspective of your blog!

  3. Good luck with this.

    I spent twelve days in Lisbon back in April. Had a vacation rental in Santa Catarina. Loved every day of my stay.

    1. @George, Thank you very much!

      I am really glad you enjoyed Lisbon, I am sure in 12 days you’ve seen a lot of the city and its surroundings.