São Miguel Personalized Itinerary

How to get your personalized itinerary

  • 1.Fill the form below and complete payment.
  • 2.That’s it!

This form is to get to know more about you, your travel persona and details about your upcoming trip to Azores. The more info you give me, the more data I have to boost your Azorean experience. It will also include credit card payment (via Stripe).

YOU decide how much you want to pay!

The cool thing? You decide the price of the itinerary, regardless of its duration. The amount you want to pay is entirely up to you! Please note I charge a minimum of 130USD for fees, taxes and my own time invested on it.

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FAQ and logistics

Do I really get to choose the price of the itinerary?
Yes. On the form you’ll have some options of values you’re willing to pay. Pick one. Please note they range from 130USD to 250USD. 130USD is the bare minimum to cover my time invested, taxes and fees.

How detailed is the itinerary?
I provide a full schedule for the day, estimates of how long to stay and detailed tips on each place. I also provide answers to any questions you ask in the form about tours, driving, etc.

To give you an idea of how big is the document, a 5-day itinerary has roughly 47 pages.

How will be the itinerary be sent to me?
Your personalized itinerary will be delivered by email, on a PDF format.

When can I expect my itinerary?
The timings for completing the itinerary depend on how long is your trip. I normally can have it delivered in a couple of days, but if I’m traveling or busy it might take longer. These are the maximum timings you can expect to receive your itinerary:

 Expected delivery
1 day itinerary4 business days
2-day itinerary5 business days
3-4 day itinerary6 business days
5-6 day itinerary7 business days
7-day itinerary8 business days

When you start working on my itinerary?
I only work on itineraries that have the form fully completed and I’ve got confirmation of payment.

What if I want to make changes?
One revision is included in the price. If you let me know what exactly you are not comfortable with, I’ll make sure I tweak it.

Can you do longer itineraries?
At the moment I’m only doing itineraries with a maximum of 7 days.

Can you include other islands?
At the moment I’m only doing São Miguel itineraries.

I have changed my mind and don’t want the itinerary anymore. Can I get a refund?
If you change your mind in the first 24h after the initial payment, I can issue a refund. Please note I don’t have a way to refund Stripe fees – these are not refundable.

24h after purchase, it’s NOT possible to issue a refund as I most likely have already started working on your itinerary.

I still have some doubts. Can I ask you some additional questions?
Sure! Check my contact page to get in touch with any queries.