I’m open to provide targeted blog posts to promote your travel business. The articles are permanent, meaning they will remain live forever in my website. You can find some of my stats here.

However please note I want to keep a very high level of quality content here in Geeky Explorer. That’s why I only accept partnerships that I see are a fit to the tone, content and audience of my blog.

There’s 2 options to request a targeted post in my website:

  • 1. I create the article. Price: 325USD.
  • 2. You create the article. Price: 275USD.

1. Targeted post written by me

This is my most common approach. You provide me with the details you’d like to promote and I write the content and provide all the images, ensuring a complete fit to my already existing content.

This is what the article includes:

  • At least 800 words
  • At least 3 high-quality images, either copyright-free stock images or my own
  • 2 permanent do-follow backlinks to pages of your choice (as long as they’re spam-free by Google), through natural wording.

Timings are to be discussed, but never more than 30 days. If I can’t keep this promise, the article will be free.

PRICE: 325 USD (non-negotiable).

2. Targeted post written by you

You are responsible for creating the article and images. I’d prefer to receive the article in the final HTML format, but a Google Docs also does it. Please note you’ll need to follow the below guidelines:

Guidelines to post in Geeky Explorer

  • Content: Articles must be at least 800 words long. The tone must fit my website and it is subject to small changes/tweaks after my final revision.
  • Images: Images must be provided by you. At least 3 images must provided, with at least 1000px width and all with less than 150kb in size (jpeg files should to it).
  • Backlinks: The article can include 2 do-follow backlinks to websites of your choice, as long as they’re spam-free by Google. The wording should be natural – heavily promotional material is not good for anyone.

Note that I own the right to reject any article with poor quality or offensive content at any time.

PRICE: 275 USD (non-negotiable).

Bonus: What about just a targeted link?

Alternatively, I can simply place a do-follow link in one of my existing articles of your choice to your website. This option does not involve any content creation.

The price is 90USD for placing a permanent do-follow link.

The only thing I need from you in this case is the URL you want to link to and which page it should come from. If you have preference for the anchor text, let me now.

Let’s make this happen!

If you have any queries, take a look at my “Work with me” page. Feel free to ask for my media kit for more detailed data about my audience, online outreach and other statistics of my website.

If you’ve got something in mind simply drop me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m open to new and creative ideas to partner up.

You can contact me directly on bruno(at)geekyexplorer(dot)com or simply use the form below.