I aim to keep a high level of quality content here in Geeky Explorer. Facing a never-ending stream of subpar guest posting requests on my inbox daily, I’ve come up with these guidelines.

Please make sure you can comply with all of them!

  • Content: The post needs to be travel-related and provide real value to my audience with tips, itineraries, guides, or general informative descriptions about a destination or experience. I don’t accept salesly posts.
  • Language: Gramatically correct English, exclusively.
  • Tone: Informal.
  • Size: 2,500 words is the bare minimum.
  • Images: all the images need to be high-quality, royalty-free and lodged in your own server. A minimum of 1000px width is required. At least 1 image per 1,000 words should be provided.
  • Format: ideally, I would like to receive a HTML version of the post, ready to be published.
  • Links: no more than 2 links to external websites. Additionally, these will have to be marked as spam-free by Google.
  • Advertising: if it’s a commercial post, whatever product/service you’re advertising will have to be a fit to the audience and tone of the blog. For instance, I would never publish something about casinos or cruise ships.

As a general note, please note that if I think the quality of the content is not a match to the audience, tone or quality of the blog, I may end the guest post collaboration at any time.

Thank you!

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