São Miguel Personalized Itinerary

What if you could explore the most adventurous and special island in Europe like a local?

The Geeky Explorer São Miguel Personalised Itinerary is all you need to know to explore this scenic island.

The itinerary includes:

  • The top sights and places to visit in São Miguel island. These are tailored to you, based on the responses from your form.
  • Directions on how to get to the most remote viewpoints and other points of interest. Including “secret” places that don’t come in the touristic guides!
  • Suggestions for the best restaurants and bars in the island. Because food is essential for a full azorean experience!
  • Other insider tips to get you fully ready to explore my home island! These advice will be targeted at your personal trip: who you’ll be traveling with, what’s your travel type and the time of the year you’re traveling.

The itinerary does NOT include:

  • Hotel, flight or tour reservations. I will give you suggestions of places to stay and tours to make and include all the contact details. But all reservations will be made by you.
  • Other islands. For now, I’m only creating personalized itinerary and guides for São Miguel island.

The steps needed from you:

FAQ and logistics

How will be the itinerary be sent to me?
Your personalised itinerary will be delivered by email, in a PDF format.

When can I expect my itinerary?
The timings for completing the itinerary depend on how long is your trip. I will do my best to deliver them ASAP, but as for now these are the maximum timings for receiving them after completing payment:

 Expected deliveryPrice (USD)
1-day itinerary3 business days89
2-day itinerary3 business days109
3-day itinerary4 business days129
4-day itinerary4 business days149
5-day itinerary5 business days169
6 to 7-day itinerary5 business days189

What if I want to make changes?
One revision is included in the price. If you let me know what exactly you are not comfortable with, I’ll make sure I tweak it.

Can you do longer itineraries?
At the moment I’m only doing itineraries with a maximum of 7 days.

Can you include other islands?
At the moment I’m only doing São Miguel itineraries.

Steps to get a personalised itinerary

1. Fill out the form below.

This is to get to know more about you, your travel persona and details about your upcoming trip to Azores. The more info I get, the more tailored will be your itinerary.

If you are having any problems try opening it in a new tab.

2. Make your payment

Choose your São Miguel itinerary:
Email (same as the form!)

3. Your itinerary will arrive on your inbox soon!

Any questions please contact me through my email, Twitter or Facebook.